Mahashivratri Vrat Recipes

Mahashivratri Vrat RecipesAs the name indicates this festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva, the third God of the Hindu Trinity. Mahashivratri Vrat RecipesMahashivratri Vrat Recipes


Every month in Hindu calendar has listed the thirteenth day of the darker half of the month as Shivaratri i.e. ‘Shiva’s great night’. Shivaratri falls on the Krishna paksha, in the month of Magha and is celebrated all over the country as ‘Mahashivaratri’. It is believed that on this night Shivji performed the Tandava or the prehistoric creation, preservation and destruction dance.

READ ALL ABOUT MAHASHIVRATRI HERE – Legends associated with Mahashivratri and how it is celebrated?

Here are some of the Mahashivratri vrat recipes that you can enjoy during fasting. I follow a very simple diet and refrain from consuming onion and garlic dishes during vrat. But I do understand that some follow a very restricted diet and avoid eating few spices and veggies that are mentioned in my recipes.Vrat ki idli

DISCLAIMER – Some families follow a very restricted diet and do not consume veggies like carrots, peas, and beans. Feel free to omit them and plan your meal accordingly.

Likewise, spices like amchur powder, mustard seeds, haldi , chaat masala, kalonji are also not consumed. Please leave them out and follow your family vrat guidelines. Mahashivratri Vrat Recipes


This section includes traditional recipes from vrat uttapam to idli, vrat dosa, and vrat dahi bhalla.   

vrat ki dahi gujiyaVRAT KI DAHI GUJIA Falahari Paneer Makhane GulgulleFALAHARI PANEER MAKHANE GULGULLEsabudana-chutney-ballsSABUDANA CHUTNEY BALLS
vrat-dhokla-recipe-7VRAT KA DHOKLA OR SAMA KE CHAWAL KA DHOKLAshakarkandi-cutlets-2SWEET POTATO CUTLETsabudana-namkeen-recipe-5SABUDANA NAMKEEN

tawa-aloo-chaat-recipe-22 TAWA ALOO CHAAT
vrat_dosa recipe1SABUDANA VRAT DOSA sama ke chawal tikki SAMA CHAWAL TIKKI AND VADA
aloo_recipe5VRAT WALE ALOO vrat_purifood VRAT RAJGIRIA PURIsabudana-khichdi-7SABUDANA KHICHDI
vrat-idli-recipe-5 SAMA RICE OR VRAT KI IDLIkuttu_ke_atte_ki_poori3KUTTU AND SINGHARE KI PURI vrat_uttapam_recipeSAWA CHAWAL AND SABUDANA UTTAPAM
vrat-dahi-bhalla-recipe-1VRAT DAHI BHALLA aloo-chaat-vrat-6VRAT ALOO CHAAT vrat-pulao-recipe-4 VRAT RICE PULAO OR SAMA RICE PULAO
vada food4NON FRIED SABUDANA VADAspicy-millet-bowl-salad-recipe-3SAMA RICE VRAT SALAD BOWLgreen_vrat_chutney_foodVRAT KI GREEN CHUTNEY
cucumber_raita_11CUCUMBER AND MINT RAITAvrat-ki-papdi-recipe-2VRAT KI PAPDI OR MATHRI stuffed-paneer-croquettes-recipe-2STUFFED VRAT CROQUETTES



Below are some amazing vrat desserts that you must try this MahaShivratri. They are quick and easy to prepare and light on the tummy too!

dhaniya-panjiri-recipe-DHANIYA PANJEERI

mathura-ke-pede-recipe-2MATHURA KE PEDE

rabdi-recipe-4INSTANT RABDI

badam-halwa-recipe-22BADAM HALWA

sabudana-ladoo-recipe-6SABUDANA LADOO

coconut-ladoo-recipe-7COCONUT LADOO

kaju-pista-roll-recipe-1KAJU PISTA ROLL

fruit_cream_5FRUIT CREAM

kulfi_food_5MANGO KULFI

kaju-katli-4KAJU KATLI

Milk pedaMILK PEDA
vrat-ka-halwa-recipe-3VRAT KA HALWA



mango_lassi_7MANGO LASSI

paneer-burfi-recipe-6PANEER BURFI

strawberry-smoothie-1STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE
strawberry_mango_smoothieSTRAWBERRY MANGO SMOOTHIE

smoothie_recipe_5TROPICAL SMOOTHIE

mawa_mithai_13MAWA BURFI

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