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Hello, & welcome to my blog! This is me, Ruchi and some of you know me for the past 15 years. I am a food enthusiast, recipe developer, photographer and the writer of this blog.

Ruchiskitchen.com was launched back in the year 1999 (picture below). Cooking is my hobby and kitchen is my lab. It is something that I have always been passionate about from the start. To showcase my passion for food, and to share my adventures in the kitchen, my hubby turned my daily cooking into a webpage, and this was when ruchiskitchen came into existence in 1999 – 2002. Since then it has been running, though I couldn’t update much over the course of time as other priorities came in first. 

At the end of 2014, we rebranded Ruchiskitchen.com with a new look and feel. Hope you are going to enjoy its new Avatar!

Ruchiskitchen.com is a personal blog which is maintained by me and my husband (A&R). The old RK site had over 400 recipes, tips, how to’s and we will slowly bring all of them back. Compared to our previous recipes which were just the write-ups, this new site features all the recipes in step by step format with no room left for imagination.

Note: We do not have any affiliation with any restaurant or YouTube channel.

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-I am a big time foodie, and I LOVE, LOVE and LOVE, to cook. Cooking is my hobby, and my biggest stress buster – it is something that makes me happy. Ruchiskitchen is a clear vision of my passion for cooking, ranging from authentic to fusion meals.

-By the day I am a mom of two lovely boys, a wife, and a full-time food blogger.

-My kitchen runs four times a day – starts with kid’s school lunch – followed by breakfast, recipe making for RK and last but not the least – A HEALTHY FAMILY DINNER – Eat healthy, feel healthy and stay healthy (this is what we all believe in).

-Besides cooking, I enjoy doing scrapbooking, love to watch Tom and Jerry and play “board games” with my boys. 

-After all this, with whatever time I can squeeze in, I love to volunteer at my kid’s school. I believe it’s important. I love taking field trips with them as chaperons, eat lunch with them in the cafeteria and I feel enormously lucky that I can enjoy this time with my little munchkins.

-MY BOYS TEAM (my hubby and our two boys) are MY ALL TIME MOTIVATORS, BIGGEST SUPPORTERS AND BIGGEST CRITICS. 🙂 Their desire to eat something new each day keeps me going- cooking and experimenting with food to create fancy meals for them and satisfy their taste buds!

-My little one is picky when it comes to food. If I am traveling, his food goes with me. But like me, he too is a big time foodie and loves to cook. In fact, I have made a small scrapbook of his cooking years.

-I am a huge dog lover and would love to have one in the near future.

-I am an organized person, and in order to function efficiently, I like to plan my day(s) ahead. 


  • It was my MOM, my muse, who passed onto me her love and passion for cooking. My childhood memories are filled with smell and aroma of my mom’s cooking. She was a great great cook and taught me the value cooking. Every meal she prepared, reminds me of her love and devotion she used to put in her recipes.

Just like my mom, I don’t like to rush through my recipes and love to cook from scratch as a little time, energy and patience bring healthy and fresh food to the table. But at the same time with busy lifestyles and working families, I am mindful about how to cook quick and easy meals without compromising the health of my family and authenticity of my recipes.  😉 

Her teachings proved very valuable and to date, I cook using her methods and at the same time keep on experimenting with ingredients to create new flavors and recipes! 

  • My dad was a hotelier and being brought up in a hotel environment, at times I would sneak up into his hotel F&B department and learn recipes from chefs. My dad loved to travel, and I’ve picked up that same passion from him. Keep exploring new places and enjoy their culture and exotic foods.


My passion for delicious food and experimenting with new recipes is what you can find here. All the recipes at Ruchiskitchen.com are tested and tried in my kitchen many times even before it goes on the site. I try my hands on a particular recipe over and over again until I am satisfied with the results. 

Through this blog, I have put in my genuine effort to show my cooking style in a step by step format. Whether be a fusion or an authentic recipe, this blog will walk you through each and every step required in preparing yummy and delicious meals that you crave for. 

I have tried my best to depict a variety of cuisines and through this blog, I treat my readers with a variety of quick and simple, easy to follow innovative recipes. 


Blogging is hard work – a lot goes into maintaining a blog. It’s not just about making food – it’s a full-time job. In fact, creating recipes is more than a full-time job – it’s a day’s project (9-12 hours).

Yes, 9-12 hours a day. That includes – deciding on a recipe, content development, taking pictures, staging and styling food (still learning and improving day by day) editing and writing a recipe and finally publishing it and not to forget Social media.

Simply copying my images and publishing under your name is wrong! All recipe, how-to’s images and text on this website are protected by copyright. Please respect my posts, photos, recipes, and do not post or republish this recipe or images without permission. If you want to share any recipe or image just share the link rather than the whole recipe.

Nothing on this site should ever be used for someone else’s financial gain.

 Please get prior permission in case you plan to use my work (Recipes and basics pictures).

This is my hard work and I make my income through my website, so I really appreciate everyone who clicks on it for the recipes and tries it.  😍 😍

Thanks for your support and love. Really appreciate it.  😍 😍


Give my recipes a try and if you like them, please drop me your feedback and suggestions. I would love to hear from you and try to provide my best! Hearing from you brightens up my day, keeps me motivated and I fell connected to all of you – my friends, my biggest supporters! Have a question – drop me a note at ruchi@ruchiskitchen.com.


At the same time, I am also sharing information about Indian festivals. I feel each Indian festival is special and an occasion for cooking delicacies. You may find some of the festivals missing- we will be updating them shortly, it’s a work in progress.  🙂

Kid’s stories –A great collection of Indian moral stories and witty humor. These are some of the stories that I remember from my childhood. We have this section dedicated to young readers where they can learn about everything – from Akbar birbal witty stories to Panchatantra moral stories and informative Indian mythology stories. Regarding all the pictures used in festival and kids section – please read our disclaimer

Thanks for stopping by, sit back and enjoy my blog!

Happy cooking and hope to see you around again, and again. 🙂