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Vrat, Falahari and No onion No garlic Meal Planner

Vrat, Falahari and No onion No garlic Meal Planner

Navratri is a very auspicious time of the year and is celebrated over a period of 8-9 days. During this time period, devotees observe fast from the first day to the ninth day.

People eat only one meal a day, prepared with grains and vegetables that are healthy and easy to prepare. Besides grains and vegetables, nuts, fruits, and fruit juices/smoothies can also be consumed.

Cooking a meal is easy but planning that meal can be a daunting task. Meal planning is my routine and I do meal planning every Saturday and shop accordingly.

Not only it saves time, but it also saves some money too. To help you get started I have penned down my this year’s Navratri VRAT MEAL PLANNER. Feel free to make alterations and move around the recipes to suit your taste buds. 


Oct. 13 – TuesVrat Rajgiria Puri with


Vrat Jeera Aloo

Homemade CurdSabudana Ladoo/


Coconut Ladoo

Oct. 14 – WedSabudana UttapamVrat ki ChutneyMango Lassi
Oct. 15 – ThrusVrat ka Pulao / Aloo chaatCucumber RaitaPaneer Burfi
Oct. 16 – FriKuttu and Singhare ke atte ki Roti with


Vrat wale Aloo

Dahi BhallaStrawberry Smoothie
Oct. 17 – SatVrat ki Idli Coconut Chutney
Fruit Cream
Oct. 18 – SunSabudana KhichdiVrat ki ChutneyMilk Peda
Oct. 19 – MonSabudana Vrat DosaVrat ki ChutneyStrawberry Mango Smoothie
Oct. 20 – TuesSama ki Tikki or Sabudana VadaVrat ki ChutneyBadam Halwa 
Oct. 21 – WedAshtami Prasad – Kale Chana, Sooji Halwa and Puri

During Navratri, many Hindu families avoid eating onion-garlic meals. Why avoid onion-garlic meals during Navratri?

In Hinduism, food is categorized into three categories – Tamasic, Rajasic, Sattvic.  Follow this link to learn more about No onion no garlic cooking. 

Not all people in the family observe fast. Below is the no onion no garlic dinner meal planner that me and my family will follow during Navratri.

Feel free to shuffle around the recipes to suit your busy schedule.


Oct. 13 – TuesDum AlooPethe ki SabziCucumber Raita
Jeera Rice
Oct. 14 – WedChana DalAlu CapsicumTandoori Roti
Oct. 15 – ThrusMutter PaneerVeg minced GobhiRoti
Oct. 16 – FriSabut Moong DalBaghare BainganJeera Rice or Kulcha
Oct. 17 – SatLobiaKurkuri BhindiRoti
Oct. 18 – SunIdli Sambhar



 Coconut Chutney
Oct. 19 – MonDubki wale aloo Bedmi Poori and
Boondi Raita
Oct. 20 – TuesPanchmael Dal
Kadai Paneer
Jeera Rice or Roti
Oct. 21 – WedAshtami Prasad – Kale Chana, Sooji Halwa and Puri

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  1. Deepa Suresh says:

    Loved your navrathra planner..eagerly waiting for your next post..

  2. tejalshah says:

    Must appreciate your work.. Waiting for vart recipes.. I never go through this type of recipes ever.. Happy navratri

  3. R.chetna says:


  4. sriranjani says:

    Awesome work. Loved your vrat meal planner and dinner menu.

  5. Puja says:

    Hi Ruchi , loved your blog. Great collection of recepies