How to make round puris

How to roll round puris

Puffed up deep fried golden Indian bread. Puris or Pooris are unleavened Indian bread usually prepared with wheat flour. Puri is enjoyed by every age group and especially among kids its a must – have – everyday – meal. Rolling a puri is easy just follow the step by step pics below and you will have a perfect disc shaped puri. A perfect Sunday brunch, and can be accompanied with Alu, chole, Pethe ki sabzi and many more.

This recipe is REVISITED means that it was photographed again for better picture quality. Below you may find puris cooked in two different lights – method is the same just better photography :)


2 cups Wheat flour (Atta)

1-1/4 cup water (approximately)

2 tablespoon Oil

1 teaspoon Oil – just to coat the dough

Oil for frying


1. Let’s start off with kneading the dough. Slowly add water to form a firm dough. Another method would be to add everything in a dough maker or food processor and add water slowly to form a soft pliable dough.

Kneading dough recipe

Naan dough ready

2. Finally apply 1 -teaspoon oil and finish the dough. As illustrated in the picture below roll out the dough, divide, cut out evenly and start forming the dough balls. If you have a puri maker than apply some oil on the base of puri maker and place the dough ball in the center, press the upper part down and press down the lever hard. There you have it a perfect round shaped puri.

How to roll round purisHow to roll round puris

Missi puri rolling

3. Another way to roll out the puris – using a rolling pin. Apply some oil on the surface where you are about to roll out the puris. Place the dough ball over it and start rolling with a rolling pin. To roll out the puris – please use oil not dry flour because the flour will get into the oil while frying and spoil the oil.

How to make round purisHow to make round puris

4. Heat oil in a kadai or pan. Once the oil reaches its smoking point, check it by dropping a small pea size ball. If it floats right back up – oil is ready, carefully drop in the puris. By slowly pressing down on the puri try to work it around the kadai and this way it will puff up. Once brown from one side slowly turn it around and brown it up on the other side. Take it out of the oil and allow it to sit on a paper towel till excess oil drains out.How to roll round puris

How to roll round puris

How to roll round puris

How to roll round puris

How to roll round puris

5. Enjoy puris with chutneys, raitas or Alu vegetable. Try out our other Pooris/ puris – Rajgiria poori, Kuttu ke atte ki poori, Missi puri.

Missi Puri recipe

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