How to shape and design Milk pedas

How to shape and design Milk pedas

Pedaaaa.. ahh – a scrumptious and delicious festive sweet. Around festival seasons you will find Indian sweet shops a.k.a. Halwai shops loaded with these pedas. A sight of these pedas just makes you pop one in your mouth. These easy- to-melt-in -the-mouth – dessert is really simple to make. In this post learn how to shape and design these pedas. I shaped these pedas with whatever I could find in my kitchen drawer – but let your imagination get to work.

Do you have thread reels at home they usually have pretty imprints on them – use them to put designs on your pedas. Other brilliant idea would be – kids unused ink stamp – use them to create impressive designs on pedas.


Once the peda dough is ready – time to shape them. 

TRICK  1 – Spread it on a aluminium foil and using a cookie cutter or small katori cut it into a round ball.Using a toothpick start designing them – as shown in the picture. Sprinkle cardamom powder and nuts and peda is ready.

How to shape and design Milk pedasPedas shaping them

TRICK 2 – Take peda dough in your hand, work it between your palms and shape them into a round ball, flatten them out and using your finger tips round up the peda edges. Design it with a toothpick and enjoy.

Pedas- shaping them

Other ways to design pedas – use a pen cover, fork, anything that had a design – just press it over the pedas and BINGO pedas are ready!! 

Pedas- shaping themMilk pedas

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  1. Varsha says:

    Great post. I am checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! No where I can find such information on how to shape pedas. Thanks for your wonderful detailed post and all the help u offer to non-cooks like us. I am truly inspired.

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