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How to make mawa from ricotta cheese

How to make mawa from ricotta cheese

Mawa or Khoya is a dried form of milk and a super ingredient used to flavor up Indian sweets and thicken up Indian curries. Follow the step by step pictorial guide below to prepare unsweetened mawa or khoya at home. Store bought ricotta cheese is reduced from its original form to a lump of dry mawa ball. A magic ingredient used to flavor both sweet and savory Indian dishes.


In a heavy bottom pan add ricotta cheese and unsalted butter/ghee. Reduce stove heat to its LOWEST setting. Mix and keep stirring to avoid ricotta cheese sticking to the bottom of the pan. Soon ricotta cheese will be all watery and soupy. The trick to a perfect mawa is – keep stirring. 

How to make mawa from ricotta cheese

As the liquid evaporates ricotta cheese will shrink in quantity and within 20 – 22 minutes on a LOW flame – ricotta cheese will convert into a dry ball of mawa. Allow mawa/ ricotta cheese to cool down Knead it like a dough and it should be smooth as shown in the picture.

Either use it right away or store it in a plastic container/bag and store it in the freezer for future use.

peda - dried up ricotta cheeseRicotta cheese mawa

 Whenever ready to use just take it out of the freezer, thaw it, crumble it and its ready to use…

How to make mawa from ricotta cheese



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  1. Tahseen says:

    Hi, I Would like to know how much butter should I use for one cup ricotta cheese to make Mawa.

  2. Rashida says:

    Hi, how long does it last if you store in a pyrex box in the freezer?

  3. Meg says:

    Hi, can I use mava from ricotta cheese to make gujia? I am concerned as gujia is stored at room temperature.. is it necessary to keep sweets from ricotta cheese mava refrigerated?

  4. Alka says:

    How much Riccotta cheese should I use for this recipe?