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Birbal gives a sweet reply

Hop on and let’s learn how did Birbal gives a sweet reply. One day Emperor Akbar was in a very funny mood and thought of putting his courtiers to test. He came to his court and startled his courtiers with a strange question. Are you wondering what the question was?

“If somebody pulled my mustache what sort of punishment should be given to him?” he asked. For a minute everyone was dumb-folded. They started discussing among themselves and came up with their answers.

“He should be flogged!” shouted one courtier.

“He should be hanged!” shouted another.

“He should be beheaded!” screamed the third. Keep reading how did Birbal gives a sweet reply.Birbal gives a sweet reply

Akbar kept listening to everybody’s reply but was not satisfied. “And what about you, Birbal?” asked the emperor. “What do you think would be the right punishment if somebody pulled my mustache?”

Birbal started laughing to which Emperor was amazed. He was waiting for Birbal’s reply.

“He should be given sweets, kisses and lots of hugs,” said Birbal.

“Sweets, kisses and hugs ?” gasped the other couriers.” Has Birbal gone mad, what is he saying, muttered one. They knew know the emperor would be angry and will punish Birbal. The courtiers smiled at each other as if they knew what’s going to happen. 

“Yes, said Birbal. “Sweets, kisses and lots of hugs, because the only one who would dare to pull his Majesty’s mustache,would be his cute grandson.”

Emperor was pleased with Birbal’s reply and smiled. So pleased was the emperor with the answer that he pulled off his ring and gave it to Birbal as a reward. Then he said, “Yes, that’s my grandson who played this prank on me while I was seeping. I woke up with the intention to punish this culprit, but seeing him sitting on chest and playing with my mustache made me smile and I hugged and kissed him.”

See how Birbal gives a sweet reply. Once again Birbal was successful in winning Akbar’s heart.

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