Roasted cumin seeds

Roasted Cumin seeds

Roasted Cumin seeds also goes by the name Bhuna hua Jeera – adds more flavor and depth to a dish. Indian cooking uses a lot of cumin in its recipes. Its a staple in my kitchen and I always have a small jar filled with roasted cumin seeds handy and use it to flavor my recipes. Before I run out of it there is always another batch in the making. It’s not available in local grocery store and making toasted/roasted cumin seeds at home is super easy.

Toasted Cumin seeds can be added to salads, raitas , chaats, paranthas and much moooore.


2 cups of cumin seeds.


1. Heat a tava or griddle. Add Cumin seeds and toast on a slow flame till they are brown in color – do not overcook.

2. Once brown take it off the flame as the griddle is still hot and cumin will burn till the griddle cools down or-else to avoid it from further burning transfer it to a plate – be careful it would be HOT.

3. Once cooled coarsely grind it in a blender – just give it once small churn – we don’t want it all powdery. Other way would be to – once cooled place it in a plastic bag and pound it lightly with a rolling pin/belan.

4. Will yield 2 cups of coarsely grinded cumin seeds- store it in airtight container and good for 3-4 months or till it last. I never went that far it’s finished way before then :))

Roasted Cumin seeds

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  1. Latika says:

    I have seen you use this spice in your cooking, so decided to make it and its so aromaful. My whole kitchen was full of cumin flavor. Thanks Ruchi

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