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Why hairs don’t grow on hands

Hello Cutie Pie’s!! How are you all doing? Sorry about the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng wait. Today we return with an interesting and very very funny story – Why Hairs don’t grow on hands? Sounds interesting… right? Well gear up, cuddle with your parents, grab your blankets and soft toys (if applicable) and here we gooooooooooo…  

One day Akbar asked Birbal – “ Birbal tell me why don’t hair grow on my palm?”

Akbar birbal ke latifeBirbal as usual answered in a very calm tone, “ Jahan pannah! It’s your daily routine to donate stuff to the poor because of that no hairs grow on your palms.”

Akbar was very elated to hear his praises but he wanted to take this conversation a little further. He again asked, “Birbal , why don’t hair grow on your palms?”

Birbal replied, “ I take so much donations from you and because of that there are no hairs on my palm.”

Ha.ha..ha.. Birbal indeed is very funny.. What do you think King Akbar’s next question for Birbal would be? Will he be able to answer that question? Let’s read further. 🙂

Akbar wanted to defeat birbal in this talk, he again questioned Birbal, “ Why there are no hairs in our courtiers palms?”

Birbal understood that emperor was testing him so he replied, “ Badshah! The answer to this one is pretty simple. When you give me rewards than these poor courtesies get zealous and start rubbing their hands and because of that no hairs grow on their palms. Everyone’s jaw dropped after listening to Birbal’s answer.

King Akbar understood that there is no point in arguing with Birbal as he is Hazir jawab – ready to answer on any topic.

Hurray for Birbal – how clever he was and all his explanations were spot-on. Now it’s time to say good bye and will meet soon with another funny story. Time to sleep, till then  SM 🙂 E, hug your parents andlight


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  1. Raj Kumar says:

    Your Akbar Birbal story is absolutely nice.

  2. Srewfru says:

    Smoe to you too, Ruchi! 🙂 We loved this Birbal story, he is soooooo cleber!!!!

    Keep these stories coming (if applicable!) 😉 So good