Who’s the biggest of all

Hello Cutie Pie’s!! How are you all doing? Today we return with an interesting and cute story – WHO’S THE BIGGEST OF ALL – SABSE BADA KAUN? So mom and dad get ready, cuddle up kiddos! grab your blankets and soft toys (if applicable) and here we gooooooooooo… 

Who's the biggest of allKing Akbar loved his royal gardens and during his free times he would love to take a stroll down his gardens. Likewise, one fine day king Akbar and Birbal were strolling in their royal gardens. The topic of their discussion was – recent conquers of Akbar; all the territories and neighboring states that Akbar had conquered. Did you know – Akbar wanted to rule all over Northern India. WHY – because he wanted to establish himself as the supreme lord of Northern India.

Well coming back to the story – While walking the gardens, a question popped up in emperor’s mind and he asked Birbal, “Birbal who is the biggest of all – sabse bada kaun hai?” Birbal understood Akbar wanted Birbal to rave (talk) about his recent conquerors and praise his work. 

Birbal immediately replied, “Badshah, a kid is the biggest of all”.

Yeah you heard me right kiddos – you cuties are the biggest of all. Was Akbar pleased with his answer..what do you guys think — Nahh, I thought so.Let’s keep reading…

King Akbar was not pleased with his reply and asked Birbal to prove his point. Birbal knew emperor was not happy and he asked for the next 48 hours to prove his point. Time was granted.

To prove his point Birbal asked his friend for help. His friend had an adorable son who was 2 years old and Birbal wanted to take that baby to the palace. His friend agreed and Birbal brought the baby to the court. King was delighted to see such an adorable kid in his court and asked Birbal to bring the baby close to him.

Akbar took the baby and made him sit in his lap. That little kid made King Akbar forget all his worries and King was having an amazing time with this cute little baby. Suddenly while playing, baby pulled emperor’s mustache and emperor was very angry. He screamed in pain, “Birbal, why did you bring this ill mannered kid to my court? Is he not aware about me? Take him away at once or I will punish him.”

Birbal thought it’s the right time to prove his point. He said,”Jahan pannah, at this point this kid is bigger than you. If that was not the case then how could this cute little baby had the courage to pull your mustache. If some else at his place would have dared to hurt you, he would not be standing alive. No body has the courage to hurt our emperor”. Akbar was flabbergasted to hear Birbal’s explanation and every word he said was true. Not only that kid was alive rather he was smiling and walking around muttering some words. Aww…cho chweet baby!! Birbal had smartly proved his point once again. After listening to Birbal’s explanation, King Akbar had calmed down, he hugged the little kid and praised Birbal.

Hurray for Birbal – how quick witted he was and all his explanations were spot-on. So now you know a kid is the biggest of all. As someone said- You kids are the apple of our eye and all mom and dad love their dearies. WHY – because you kiddos make us SM 🙂 E (Smile). Time to sleep and for us to say good bye.. will return soon with another story. Till then  SM 🙂 E, hug your parents and light


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