Who walks all the time

Helloooo kids!! How are you, eagerly waiting for another story? Some of you must have guessed the answers to today’s story.. right ? Smart kids… but it’s not what you are thinking. Let’s dig in the story and get our answers. Today’s story  – Who walks all the time?

Akbar birbal ke latifeKing Akbar had an inquisitive mind and he always put his courtiers to test. One day King Akbar questioned his courtiers – Who walks all the time?

Everyone in the court thought that this was the easy question compared to what emperor asks all the time. They had a relaxed look on their face. One of the courtier replied – Sun, some said earth, others said moon, but the emperor was not convinced. Kid’s did you think these were the answers.. Well I too thought so.. We all were thinking the same. Let’s read further to get our answers.

Akbar turned towards Birbal and asked him the same.

Birbal who was listening to everyone quietly stood up and as usual was ready with his reply. He uttered, “Badshah Salamat, Baniye ka Bayaj- interest amount of a lender goes on and on. It never stops or gets tired but keeps on going day and night at a faster speed. No one on the earth can stop it unless you pay it in full.”

Everyone was blown away by his answer,they looked at Birbal with their jaw dropped. Birbal had once again outsmarted everyone in the court and had succeeded in impressing King Akbar. This is why he was emperor’s favorite. WOW!! what an answer, really brilliant thinking, Birbal was something – don’t you agree kids. Well time to say good bye and will meet you again with a long story. Till then give a tight hug to mom and dad and nighty night!!

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