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The goose that laid the golden egg


Once there was a poor farmer named Bansi. He was very lazy and because of his laziness his family lived in poverty and were very sad. Everyday his wife Lilavati would ask him to do some work or go to another village and earn some good money but he didn’t pay attention. Soon there was no money left with them.

One day Bansi went to the jungle to cut some trees. There he found a wounded goose, he brought her home & took good care of her. Goose was so happy at the goodwill of this family that she thought of rewarding farmer & his family in some way.

Panchtantra - The goose that laid the golden egg

Image source – Panchtantra

That morning goose laid one golden egg and when Bansi came to feed the goose he saw that golden egg & called his wife Lilavati. They were both very elated as by selling  this golden egg they can make some money.

He sold that golden egg and bought things for his family. The goose started laying golden eggs every morning and soon they became very rich. Farmer and his family were very happy and used to take very good care of that goose. Goose too was enjoying t heir company.

One day, a very wicked idea came to Bansi’s mind. He thought to himself that, “If the magical goose lays one golden egg everyday, how many golden eggs will be inside this goose? If I cut open goose, I can become a wealthy farmer in a single day”. He didn’t tell anyone of his evil idea. That very night when everyone was asleep, Bansi took a knife and killed that poor goose. To his surprise Bansi found no eggs inside of goose. Because of his greed he had lost his magic goose and the golden egg.

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