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The Ant and the Pigeon

Morale of the story – GOOD FRIENDS ARE FOREVER.

Panchtantra - The Ant and the Pigeon

Image source – Panchtantra

On a river bank there lived a pigeon on a tree. At the bottom of that same tree lived an ant in a burrow. Pigeon and ant were good friends. One night it rained heavily and river water flooded the area around that same tree where that ant and pigeon lived.

The ant got caught up in the waters and floated away. Pigeon saw ant and thought, “My friend is in trouble, I must help him.” He threw a leaf in the water and asked his friend ant to climb on to it.

At first the ant struggled but soon it managed to climb up that leaf. Seeing this pigeon flew down and picked up the leaf and brought his friend safely on to the land. Ant thanked his friend and slowly time passed. One day a hunter came to that river bank. He saw pigeon’s nest and scattered some grains and spread a net under the tree.

The Ant and the Pigeon

Image source – Panchtantra

The ant was observing everything and could sense the danger. Soon pigeon came down from the tree to eat scattered grains. Ant thought “I should act fast, my friend will be trapped if he goes near the grains. I must make him fly away.” Ant came out of its burrow and as the pigeon was about to touch the ground ant pricked pigeon above his claw. Pigeon got scared and flew away. His friend ant had saved his life.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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