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How to make Janmashtami Jhula at home

Create a beautiful Krishna jhula from easy-to-find and straightforward materials that you probably have laying around the house. You don’t have to head out to buy all these decorative stuff.

How to make Janmashtami Jhula at home

Janmashtami is just a few days away, and some families are busy preparing Krishna jhula and homemade sweets. On this auspicious occasion, learn how to make Janmashtami Jhula at home. Follow a step by step tutorial on how to make Janmashtami Jhula at home.

Explore your closets/drawers and collect all the crafty stuff like colorful laces, beads, jewels, and some fancy fabric flowers. Search for all your gift ribbons, wrappers, shimmer clothes, and create a beautiful jhula with whatever you have on hand. Bring out your innovative ideas and be creative. 

How to make Janmashtami Jhula at home

Material Required to make Krishan Jhula at home!

  1. A banana holder or any sturdy and robust holder
  2. One round or square basket
  3. 2-3 sets of colorful laces to cover the holder ( may need more depending on the size of the holder)
  4. 20-30 pieces of colorful beads – big and small
  5. 20-30 pieces of bright satin fabric flowers
  6. One – 12” x 12” colorful cloth to cover the base or a pouch
  7. One roll of fancy (bead) lace to secure the basket
  8. One roll of bright lace to tie in the front
  9. 1-2 colorful felt cloth to make the base of the basket


  1. Use a banana holder and find a waste but clean basket. For my jhula, I have used a flower holder that was of no use in my house. I saved the flowers for my props and used the holder as a base to my jhula. For the basket, I have used an empty dry fruits basket.
    Laddu Gopal Jhoola For Krishna Janmashtami
  2. Cover the banana holder with satin laces. As seen in the first pic?. I have covered the jhoola with a red satin ribbon, repeat the process and this time I have wrapped the first plain red satin lace with red sparkly lace?. Step by step process on how to make Janmashtami Jhula at home
  3. Secondly, decorate the satin covered stand with satin flowers. Use whatever contrasting colored flowers you have on hand. How to make Janmashtami Jhula at home
  4. In the third pic? , use a beads lace or any fancy lace to hold the basket. Secure this bead lace at all the four corners of the basket. Finally, cover the base with a fancy fabric gift pouch.
    Step by step process on how to make Janmashtami Jhula at home
  5. See below ? how the bead lace is wrapped around the corners. Time to decorate the basket. Be creative and arrange colorful beads and more satin flowers all around the basket. The base of the basket is covered with a shiny felt cloth.
    Krishna Janmashtami Jhoola / Swing
  6. A closer look at the basket.
    Krishna Janmashtami Jhoola / Swing
  7. In the front, tie a lace thread and make sure its in the center of the basket.
    how to make krishna jhula at home
  8. Before you make your Kanha sit in the jhula, make sure all the strings are perfectly tied and the front thread is secure. How to make Janmashtami Jhula at homeHAPPY JANMASHTAMI TO ALL!!
    Krishna janmashtami Kanha ka jhula

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