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How Akbar and Birbal met

How Akbar and Birbal met. Emperor Akbar loved hunting. Even as a child, he would run away from his lessons and his tutors in order to go riding and hunting. When he grew up, he was a better rider and a more fearless hunter than any of his courtiers. One day while chasing a tiger, Akbar and few brave soldiers rode so fast that they left all the others behind. They had gone a long distance from the royal capital at Agra and, as evening came, they realized that they were lost. They were hungry and tired. Finally, they reached a place where three roads met.

“Ah at last we found a way”, the emperor exclaimed. Then, turning to his men, he asked, “Which way shall we go? Which road leads to Agra? All the roads look the same”. It was hard to tell which road led to Agra. Just then, a young man came walking down one of the roads. Seeing him Emperor’s men called out to him and ordered him to come forward. He did so, looking up at the richly-dressed hunters with bright eyes. “Tell us, boy”, said Emperor Akbar, “which road goes to Agra?” Keep reading how Akbar and Birbal met.How Akbar and Birbal met

Young man began to smile. “Huzoor, everybody knows that roads cannot move. How can this road go to Agra, or go anywhere else?” he said, and he chuckled delightedly at his own joke.How Akbar and Birbal met – keep reading.

There was absolute silence. Emperor stared down at the youth. His soldiers held their breath. They knew their emperor’s temper. Not one of them dared to say a single word.

Young men said, “People travel, not the roads, do they?”

“No, they don’t”, answered emperor and suddenly began to laugh. Nervously, his soldiers began to laugh too. The youth ignored them and continued to look up at the emperor with twinkling eyes.

“What’s your name?” Emperor Akbar asked the young man.

“Mahesh Das”, he replied. “And what is your name, Huzoor?” The emperor pulled off an enormous emerald ring which he wore on his hand. Leaning down, he gave it to the young man.

“You are speaking to Akbar, Emperor of Hindustan (India)”, he said. “We need fearless young men such as you at our court, Mahesh Das ( Future Birbal). Bring this ring with you when you come, and I shall recognize and remember you. And now, show us the road we must take in order to get to Agra”. Mahesh Das bowed low and pointed towards the capital. Emperor turned his horse and galloped away, followed by his soldiers.This is how Akbar and Birbal met. Continue in Part 2….

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