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Hanuman meets Shri Ram – Part 2

Hanuman meets Shri Ram - Part 2

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CONTINUED FROM PART 1  – Hanuman meets Shri Ram – Part 2


Sugriv sought protection in Matang Rishi’s ashram in Rishiyamukh mountains. He started living in those mountains with Hanuman and other vanar’s (monkeys). Hanuman was a friend and trusted advisory of Monkey King Sugriv. Sugriv was living in exile because of his brother Bali. One day he saw two young bowmen wondering in the foothills of Rishyamuk mountains. Fearing that Bali may have sent them to kill him, King Sugriv asked Hanuman to get their identity and on his orders Hanuman disguised himself as a Brahmin to get the details of these two bowmen. On seeing these two brothers Hanuman bowed and asked,” Lord who are you and what bring you here? Seeing you it looks as if you are the Trinity – either Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh?” Hanumanji carrying Ram and Lakshman

Shri Ram replied,”O brahmin, I am Ram and he is my brother Lakshman. We come from Ayodhya and are in search of my wife, Sita who has been abducted by the demons.” After learning about them Hanumanji understood that Shri Ram is the form of Vishnu,he revealed his true form and bowed in front of them. Seeing Hanuman’s love towards him Shri Ram placed his hand on his head. Filled with outmost joy Hanumanji placed them on his shoulders and took them to Sugriv on the mountain top. Sugriv was elated to see Shri Ram and after hearing his story Lord Ram promised to help Sugriv and in return Sugriva promised to help Shri Ram find Mother Sita. READ MORE ABOUT SUGRIV AND BALI FIGHT IN SHREE RAM INCARNATION


All the Vanar sena (monkey soldier), Hanumanji, Angad  and Jambhavant started looking for Mother Sita in every direction. But their search yield no result and they all sat by the ocean all distressed. On the ocean shore lived a mighty vulture named Sampati. He was old and couldn’t hunt for his food, seeing so many people around he exclaimed, “Thank you God for sending me food”.

Soon he heard Angad talking about the good deeds of Jatayu, how he was killed while he was trying to stop Mother Sita from being kidnapped by Lanka king Ravan. Because of his burnt wings Sampati coudn’t move so asked in his loud tone to tell him more bout Jatayu. They narrated the whole story of Jatayu’s brave deeds to Sampati. Hearing this Sampati was heartbroken. Since he couldn’t move he asked them to carry him to the ocean where he can pay his formal duties for his brother. 

Hanuman then inquired about his condition. Sampati narrated his story – He and Jatayu were two brothers. When we were young and healthy, one day we decided to flew close to the sun. We flew higher and higher and when the sun’s heat was unbearable my younger brother Jatayu came back but I in my pride flew higher and closer to the sun. As a result of which my wings were burnt and fell to the ground. A kind-hearted rishi felt my pain, he brought me to his ashram and cured me. He gave me some religious preachings and told me that when god will incarnate himself in treta yug then you have to help his ambassadors find Mother Sita. Show them the way and your feathers will start growing back. Saying this his feathers started to grow back.

Sampati says that I can clearly see with my vulture eyes that far across this ocean, Mother Sita is held captive in Ashok Vatika. It’s a wondrous place and kingdom of demon king Ravan. Behind these huge palace walls mother Sita is held captive in his garden named Ashok Vatika in Lanka. He furthers adds that my feathers have started to grow back that a good sign that you will succeed in your mission. They all thanked and bid adieu to Sampati.


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Now jumping the huge ocean was a task. Everyone was standing on the coast overlooking the ocean, and were worried as to how they can cross such a mighty ocean.At that instant, Jambhavant remembered about Hanuman’s lost powers.He said,”I can cross this ocean but to make a comeback would be tough for me as I am old now. But Hanuman you can do it.” He then reminds Hanumanji about his childhood mischief and how he was cursed.

Everyone sang praises in honor of Hanumaji and reminded him of his hidden powers and strength which helped him to regain his lost powers. By chanting the name of Lord Shri Ram Hanumanji started growing and growing. Everyone was surprised to see him in this form and this is when he was named “MAHAVEER” – Extremely brave or the courageous one. Remembering Shri Ram in his heart Hanumanji took the leap and crossed the 100 yojan samudar (800 miles ocean) and reached Lanka in search of mother Sita.


Hanumanji took a leap and his size was as big as Mahendra parvat.He took a big leap and started flying over the sea.He looked like as if a giant mountain itself is flyng across the sky. The sea asked Mainak Parvat to come out of the ocean bed right in front of Hanuman so that he can take some rest on you. As a result of a punishment* Mainak Parvat remained submerged in Mainak Parvatocean but on the command of sea it came out of the water and asked Hanuman, “O lord, I am Mainak Parvat, I am here to serve you. Please take rest on me for a little while. I have brought you some delicious fruits.Come and sit on me”. *I have a story to tell you.

In earlier times mountains had wings and they could fly as they please. As a result of which many animals and birds would get crushed under us. Seeing this Indra cut off all the wings with his thunderbolt but I was saved by your father Vayu dev. He was kind enough to blow me into the ocean otherwise Indra would have cut off my wings too.” Hanuman was in no mood to listen to any stories. He said,”Please forgive me Mainak,I am in a hurry and I cannot rest on you.” Saying this Hanuman continued on his journey to Lanka.


By now devtas understood that Hanuman is unstoppable but they still wanted to test him so they asked Naagmata Sursa to test his valor and stop Hanuman midway. She grew taller and taller and transformed herself into a huge Rakshas woman and obstructed the path of Hanuman. Seeing a monster sitting in between his path Hanuman requested her to give him the path Sursa and Hanumanas he is on a mission to find Mother Sita. She replied,”No one can cross the ocean without passing through my mouth. Come into my mouth.” Saying that Sursa opened her huge mouth.

Sursa paid no heed to Hanuman’s repeatedly request. Hanuman then said,” Open up  your mouth so big that I can pass.” In delight, Sursa started to open her mouth wider and wider. In comparison to her mouth Hanumaji started to grow bigger and bigger. By now Sursa’s mouth was several times bigger than Hanuman. This is what Hanuman was waiting for, he shrank his size to that of a small mosquito and before Sursa could match up to that size Hanuman entered her large and ugly mouth and quickly slipped out of it. Sursa was very pleased with Hanuman’s quick thinking. She blessed him and Hanuman was on his way to Lanka.


After seeking blessing from Sursa Hanuman continued on his journey. Soon he realized he couldn’t move, to his surprise his shadow was trapped in the clutches of a sea – demon named Simhika. Hanuman then saw an ugly creature rising form the sea. She was a ferocious looking demon, black as a coal and had a huge belly. These creatures kill their prey by grabbing their shadows. He had heard from King Sugriv about this creature – one who grabs hold of anyone by their shadows. He thought to himself that he should get rid of this trouble soon to avoid further delay. Seeing Hanuman, Simhika’s Simhika's meetmouth started to water she opened her wide mouth. It was so huge that her opened mouth touched the sky.

Hanuman thought to defeat a monster this size I should enter her stomach and kill her. Without wasting any minute Hanuman shrank to his tiniest size and entered her mouth. Inside Hanuman went on a rampage and started clawing her organs with his sharp fingernails. Gripped by pain, Simhika opened her mouth with a loud painful howl and Hanuman jumped out of it. Once out, Hanuman resumed his original form and started hitting Simhika with his mace till she dropped dead in the sea.


Hanuman resumed his journey and soon he spotted lush green trees along the seashore. He was sure that he has reached Lanka. He was still in his gigantic size and to avoid any more troubles Hanuman shrank back to his tiniest form. He set himself atop of Trikut Parvat (mountain) from where he could get a good vision of Sone Ki Lanka – Golden city Lanka which was situated in Trikuta Hills. This city was build by Vishwakarma – the architect of gods and it was not only beautiful; it was guarded and protected well from all sides.

Ravan’s Lanka had four entrance doors, located in each directions and were heavily guarded. Hanuman had no intentions of getting caught by the rakshas so he waited till it was night time to enter the city. Hanumanji entered Lanka through its northern gate. To observe the city more closely Hanuman reduced to a size of a thumb.

Lankini and Hanuman

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As he advanced looking at those big mansions and golden gates of Lanka, a loud shrill voice startled him. “You monkey, who are you and why are you wandering my city at night?” asked Lankini – the female rakshas, gate keeper of Lanka.

Not frightened by her Hanuman asked,”I’ll answer all your questions but first answer who are you and why are you blocking my path?”

 Lankini growled and replied,”I am the guardian of this land, in fact this place is named after me. All the rakshas worship me like goddess and I protect them from all harm. I will kill you if you try to enter my city.”  

Hanuman was very angry at Lankini’s response and since she was a woman Hanuman just slapped her with his left arm and that slap was enough to knock Lankini down. “Have mercy on me O lord! I know who you are. I remember Brahmaji telling me that when I will be defeated by a Vanar consider from that day forth Lanka will be on the verge of destruction. Since King Ravan has brought Mother Sita to Lanka, Lanka has lost its charm and I know that Lanka’s doomsday is near”, cried Lankini. She continued sayng,” O vanar, welcome to Lanka and you may go wherever you feel like, may you find Mother Sita soon.” Hanuman resumed his tiny form and entered Lanka.


Hanumanji entered lanka and started searching each and every house and mansion but could not find Mother Sita. It was night time and everyone was either asleep or planning to sleep. Hanumanji had no issue in roaming the streets of Lanka. Words can’t describe Lanka it was so magnificent and it had gold everywhere on doors, windows, stairs everywhere. Hanuman explored Ravan’s palace and the entire Lanka but couldn’t find Mother Sita. He was tormented at this thought and then suddenly he saw a temple with tulsi plant growing all around it. He thought,”How can a devotee of my Lord Ram live among these rakshas? ”

Hanumanji was curious to know more about this place so he jumped over the wall of that temple and peeped inside to have a look. Since it was close to dawn (early morning hours before sunrise) the man of the house woke up chanting “Shri Ram, Shri Ram.” Hanumanji was extremely delighted to hear his Lord’s name.

Hanumanji disguised himself as priest and decided to meet that person.Seeing a brahmin in his house that man was stunned. He asked,” Dear Brahmin, who are you and how could you enter Lanka without being noticed by any of the rakshas? Tell me, I am Vibhishan, brother of Ravan.” Hearing to Vibhisan’s sweet talks Hanuman revealed his true form and replied, “I am Hanuman, my Lord Shri Ram has sent me to Lanka to find Mother Sita.” After learning about Hanuman, Vibhisan felt elated and very happy.

Hanuman was amazed to see such devotion for Shri Ram in a place like Lanka.Vibhisan took him inside his house and offered Hanuman some fruits but Hanuman refused to accept any of those as he was on a mission. He inquired about Mother Sita and Vibhisan provided him with all the details. He told Hanuman that Mother SIta is in Ashok Vatika and that place is well guarded, he advised Hanuman to proceed with caution.


sita in lanka

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After taking leave from Vibhisan, Hanuman assumed his tiny form and in order to reach Ashok Vatika he jumped from branch to branch without being noticed. After reaching there he hid himself atop a cluster of trees and examined the whole place. There he saw a woman sitting under a tree all surrounded by rakshashnis (lady demons). She looked exhausted, sleep derived and very weak. All the rakshashnis were keeping a watchful eye on Mother Sita and threatening her to listen to King Ravan’s wish. She just sat there crying and reciting Shri Ram’s name in her heart. He took no time in recognizing her,”This is Mother Sita”, said Hanumaji to himself. Since it was already morning he couldn’t get down and speak to Mother Sita so he sat up there in the trees and waited for sundown.

Sita in Lanka

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Just then he heard shouts of “Lankapati ki jai ho – Victory to Lanka King Ravan” followed by loud beating of the drums and blowing of the horns.Hanuman saw the demon king Ravan coming towards Ashok Vatika along with all his wives. He stood in front of Mother Sita and started threatening her with his strength and powers.

Mother Sita was not moved by Ravan’s threats. Seeing Mother Sita paying no heeds to his threats he warned her,” I give you one month time to think and if you fail to do so I will kill you.” Filled with anger and disappointment Ravan left along with his wives. Hanumanji witnessed the whole incident sitting admist the trees. He was fuming with anger, he just wanted to get down and attack Ravan but seeing the whole situation Hanuman had to curb his anger. After Ravan left, all the rakshasis started to threaten Mother Sita.

A rakshasi named Trijata, who was a wise and an ardent devotee of Ram tried to calm Mother Sita with her spiritual words. She then addressed her fellow rakshasis by saying,”I had a very scary dream last night and in my dreams I saw a monkey destroying Lanka, he set the whole Lanka on fire. This monkey was none other than a messenger of Shree Ram. Ravan, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath were killed and Vibhisan was crowned the king of Lanka. All you could hear was chanting of Shri Ram’s name. Sisters believe me, I think this dream of mine will soon be true.Stop harrassing Mother Sita and start respecting her.”

Listening to such a horrible dream all the rakshasis were scared and they all threw themselves at the feet of Mother Sita. Mother Sita addressed to Trijata,” Trijata! you are such a nice person.You are trying to save me from these rakshasis but didn’t you hear what your king Ravan just said. He has given me a month’s time and if my Lord Shri Ram doesn’t find me in that time please tell me what will I do?” Trijata was overcomed by sorrow after listening to Mother Sita. She assured her,” O dear mother! please don’t loose hope, Shree Ram is no ordinary being, he is the master of three worlds he will surely save you from our King Ravan. Have patience.” After consoling her she along with other Rakshasis sat down under a tree to take rest.

Hanumanji was waiting for this opportunity. After making sure that everyone was asleep, Hanuman came down from the top branch to the lowest one and dropped Shri Ram’s mudrika (ring) in front Mother Sita. (This ring was given to Hanuman by Shree Ram when Hanuman was leaving in search of Mother Sita along with other Vanar’s.) Seeing Shri Ram’s ring Mother Sita was elated. She couldn’t imagine what her eyes were seeing. She looked around anxiously.

Holding the ring in her hand, she asked,” Who brought me my Lord’s ring. Is this some kind of magic. Is someone here, please come forward?” Saying this Mother Sita looked in every direction and Hanumanji who was hiding on a tree all this time came out of hiding. She was astonished to see a little monkey standing in front of her with folded hands and his eyes were filled with tears. Thinking that Mother Sita may mistake him as one of Ravan’s men Hanumanji started singing praises in honor of Shri Ram. 

Mother Sita sees the ring

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She was delighted to hear Shri Ram’s name. In that state of mind she asked,” Who are you and how did you enter Lanka? Did my Lord sent you here? Where did you get this ring from? Are you a rakshas and playing tricks with me?”

Seeing her disturbed, Hanumanji replied,” Mother, I am Hanuman, messenger of Shri Ram. What strength do I have, it is with Shri Ram’s blessings that I could enter Lanka and with his permission I have come to Lanka to find you.” He then narrated the whole story of how he and Shri Ram met.

She was overjoyed to hear this and with her cracking voice she inquired, ” How is Shri Ram and Lakshman? Are they all well? When are they going to come and take me away? Did you hear what that rakshas said he is going to kill me.”

Hanuman assured Mother Sita,” Mother, now that I have found you, Shri Ram and Lakshman with come soon, kill Ravan and his rakshas forces and take you away from this place. Till that time please don’t loose hope.” ” But how can a tiny vanar like you and other’s fight with Ravan’s forces?, she inquired.

Hanumanji smiled and replied,” Mother, we have the strength and courage of our Lord Shri Ram. With the blessings of our supreme lord we can destroy any enemy we come across in the battlefield. Let me reveal you my true form.” To calm all her fears, Hanuman revealed his true form which was as big as the sky and strong like a mountain. Mother Sita was stunned to see this, she said,” Hanuman come to your original form before anyone spots you. Now I know that Ravan’s end is near. You should now return to Shri Ram and tell him to come soon and rescue me.” Hanumanji then asked Mother Sita that he is hungry can he eat some fruits around this vatika.


After seeking permission from Mother Sita, Hanumaji walked towards the orchard and started plucking some fruits. Hanuman was so hungry that in order to quench his hunger he started uprooting the trees. In those trees some of the rakshas were resting and seeing a small monkey trying to destroy their vatika they ran towards him to attack him. Hanuman who was busy enjoying his fruits, gave those rakshas a blow which flew them into the air and later dropped them onto the ground. All those who came to save their vatika was either killed or injured by Hanuman. He jumped all over that vatika breaking trees after trees. Ravan’s beautiful Ashokvtika which was once a leisure and beautiful place was now in shambles. A few frightened rakshas managed to escape and reached Ravan’s palace to inform him about the whole incident.

” Maharaj! a monkey has destroyed our Ashok Vatika and has killed many rakshas”, shouted a wounded guard. Ravan was surprised to learn that how could an ordinary monkey single handedly kill his powerful men. He was filled with anger and he shouted,” Go and capture that monkey. Tie him up and bring him in Ravan orders to capture Hanumanfront of me.” Hearing Ravan’s command everyone rushed out of the palace to kill Hanuman.

Hanuman saw them coming and he cried, “Jai Shri Ram – Victory to Shri Ram” and leaped towards them. But as fate would have it, they all met their death. Reciting the name of his Lord – Ram, Ram Ram; Hanuman killed thousands of heavily armed rakshas including the powerful Jambhumali, chief commander of his army. Jambhumali shot a sharp arrow at Hanuman who sat upon the vatika roof but Hanuman killed him. 

Ravan was shocked to hear about Jambhmali’s death, he soon dispatched some of his other heroic rakshas to capture Hanuman but they all met their fate just like Jambhumali. Learning that his heroic rakshas were also slaughtered, Ravan now decided to send his dear son Akshayakumara, in his eight- horsedrawn chariot to fight with Hanuman.Akshayakumara chariot was a special one as it was blessed that it cannot be destroyed.

Hanuman in Ashok vatika

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When he reached Ashok Vatika he started raining arrows at Hanuman but Hanuman was ready to fight his enenmies. Soon his eternal chariot was broken into pieces by Hanuman leaving Akshayakumara in shock. To take revenge he attacked Hanuman with all his weapons (club, sword, arrows) but all the weapons were destroyed by Hanuman. Soon Akshayakumara flew in the sky and so did Hanuman and they they fought a fierce batte in sky. In the end Hanuman gave a huge blow to Akshayakumara, that he fell dead on the ground. Ravan was in a state of disbelief when he learned about his son’s untimely death.

Raged with anger Ravan screamed so loudly that the whole land shivered in fear. He announced that to avenge his son’s death he himself will go and kill that monkey. But his other son named Meghnath ( which means “thundering of the clouds”; also known as Indrajeet ), the most powerful and obedient one came forward and sought permission to defeat this monkey. At first Ravan was reluctant but later granted him permission. In his chariot and followed by a huge army Meghnath left for Ashok Vatika. From the sounds of trumprets and the march Hanuman understood that someone big is coming to fight him but he sat unmoved on a tree. 

Seeing the condition of Ashok Vatika, Meghnath was filled with anger and he challenged Hanuman to fight with him.He shouted, ” Monkey, you have caused enough destruction to our kingdom, now I have come to teach you a lesson.” They both got indulged in a fierce battle. Meghnath attacked Hanuman with his powerful shafts and Hanuman destroyed all of them.

Later Meghnath used a celestial weapon named “BRAHMASTRA” to strike Hanuman. When Hanuman saw BRAHMASTRA, he did not want to counteract it as it would show disrespect to Lord Brahma’s weapon so he thought of surrendering.On the other note Hanuman thought that it was high time to meet Ravan. Hanuman got trapped in BRAHMASTRA and fell to the ground. Meghnath tied Hanuman with a rope and dragged him to meet Ravan. When Hanuman entered Ravan’s court he saw Ravan and all other rakshas staring at him with surprise and anger.

Finding him to be an ordinary monkey Ravan growled and asked,” Who are you and what brings you to Lanka? Why have you played havoc on Lanka, speak up or face punishment?”

“I am Hanuman, messenger of Shri Ram”, replied Hanuman, proudly holding his head high, “With his permission I came to Lanka in search of Mother Sita. Let go of her and seek forgiveness from Shri Ram. If you fail to do so than I assure you, your end is near. The whole monkey clan has joined Shri Ram who himself is the supreme lord and a great warrior in all the three worlds. Wake up Ravan! to save yourself and your people from the wrath of Shri Ram, return Mother Sita to him and he will forgive you.”

Lanka Dahan

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Ravan was furious at the arrogant words of Hanuman and standing in his court he had the audacity to threaten Lankapati Ravan. Ravan’s anger was beyond control and he order his ministers to kill this insolent monkey. Vibhisan who was watching all this silently rose up from his seat and with folded hands he said,” Brother! it is not right to kill a messenger, its against the royal principles. Please reconsider your decision and grant him some other punishment instead of killing him.” Vibhisan tried to deter Ravan from killing Hanuman. Hanuman was very pleased with Vibhisan’s words. All the other ministers in the court supported Vibhisan’s suggestion.

Ravan, who desperately wanted to punish this messenger for killing his army and son; with an evil laugh uttered,” A monkey’s tail is his prized possession, so set his tail on fire and send him off to his friends and family.” He further said to wrap his tail in cloth and set it on fire and then he should be paraded around the Lanka city so that all those who were afraid of this monkey should now see his condition.

Everyone in the court except Vibhisan was delighted to hear this decision.Few of the ministers came forward to wrap his tail in oil but to their utter surprise Hanuman’s tail started to grow longer and longer until it circled the whole city. Even after hours of wrapping and using up all the scraps of cloths they had in Lanka they couldn’t cover his tail which kept on growing.Finally they decided to pour oil on that tail before setting it on fire. They took him to the center of the city before setting the tail on fire so that the people can enjoy this view.

The moment they set fire to his tail,with a deafening roar Hanuman jumped high into the air and assumed his gigantic form -all the ropes which were holding him became loose and fell off. All the rakshas ran off seeing this sight. Hanuman then again took his small size and jumped to the top of a roof. With his tail blazing and chanting Shri Ram’s name he started jumping from one roof to the other, setting the whole Lanka ablaze. Rakshas were running around to save their lives. Hanuman burnt the entire Lanka leaving Ashok Vatika and Vibhisan’s house. Soon the golden city of Lanka changed into heaps of ashes. Finally, Hanuman jumped into the sea to put out the flame set to his tail.

Ashok Vatika

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Because of all this Hanuman was tired so he resumed his small form and before leaving Lanka he went to Ashok Vatika once again to meet Mother Sita. He greeted her with folded hands and said,” Mother! my work here in Lanka is done but before leaving please give me something so that I can prove Shri Ram that I have met you in Lanka.” Soon she took of her Chudamani( a gemset jewelry with is worn by ladies at the back of heir head) and placed it in Hanuman’s hand.

Hanuman was overcomed with joy, he bowed in Mother Sita’s feet and said, ” Mother have courage for few days and soon you would see hordes of monkey and Shri Ram and Lakshman coming across the ocean to rescue you.” Mother Sita blessed him, and said, “Hanuman! convey my regards to my Lord and may you succeed in your mission.” After taking leave from Mother Sita, Hanuman reached the ocean shore and with a loud roar he leaped into the air. His mind was filled with satisfaction as he had accomplished his task and chanting Shri Ram’s name in his heart he continued his journey and soon he reached to the other side where everyone – Angad, Jhambvant and others were waiting for him.

* King Bali was cursed by Matanga Rishi that if he entered Rishymukha Mountain he will die. When Bali was the ruler of Kishkindha he killed a demon named Dundhubhi. With full force he kicked the demon body towards Rishymukha Mountain. The demon body fell in the ashram of Sage Matanga Rishi who lived in Rishymukha Mountains polluting the ashram and seeing this Matanga Rishi cursed King Bali that his head will blast into pieces if he entered the Rishymukh Mountain. Sugriv knew this secret and when being chased by King Bali he took refuge in Rishymukha Mountain.


Sheshnaag as Lakshman

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Lakshman and Meghnath were involved in deadly fight. Both of them were equally powerful and skilled. Sensing that he cannot win in a fair game Meghnath tried to defeat Lakshman by using magic tricks. But Lakshman was not here to play child games; in an attack he destroyed Meghnath’s chariot and killed his chariot driver. This made Meghnath very furious and out of frustration and anger he used his supreme weapon SHAKTI on Lakshman.

Lakshman knew that no one can avert the impact of this powerful weapon so he stood there with folded hands reciting the name of Shri Ram. Shakti hit Lakshman in his heart and he fell to the ground. Meghnath rushed towards Lakshman so that he could carry his body to Lanka. But to his surprise he couldn’t lift Lakshman’s body. Though he was equal in strength to Lakshman still he couldn’t move his body a inch. No one knew that Lakshman in fact was a form of ANANT SHESHNAAG*, only those who are close to Shri Ram can lift up Lakshman.

* Sheshnaag is a serpent god. The coiled body of Sheshnaag forms a throne on which Lord Vishnu is reclining. Sheshnaag descended to earth and took the avatar of Lakshman, Shri Ram’s brother.

Seeing everyone running towards Lakshman, Meghnath flee the battle grounds. Wounded Lakshman lay unconscious on the ground, almost dead. His breathing had stopped, everyone was terrified to see this. But Hanuman was certain that nothing will happen to Lakshman as he is Shri Ram’s brother. He carried him in his arms and rushed towards Ram and narrated him the whole story. Shri Ram knew what had happened and was grief stricken to see his brother like that. Just then Vibhisan came forward and asked Hanuman to go to Lanka and get the Rajvaidya (physician )named Sushena. Hanuman assumed a tiny form and left for Lanka. Thinking that Rajvaidya may refuse to come along with him, he lifted his whole house and carried him to Shri Ram.

Finding himself close to Shri Lakshman woundedRam he bowed before him and examined Lakshman and said,” Oh supreme lord, impact of this weapon – SHAKTI leads everyone to death. I am amazed to see Lakshman still breathing faintly. To save his life someone has to go to Dronagiri mountains in the Himalayas and fetch the Sanjivani Booti( a life restoring herb) which would be glowing brightly. But this task should be done before the dawn or we will not be able to revive Lakshman. Please arrange to bring the medicine without delay.”

Shri ram then asked Hanuman to help him as he can fly to that mountain and come back fast before dawn. Hanuman after seeking his blessings left on his mission. Meanwhile when Ravan heard about Hanuman heading towards Dronagiri parvat he ask Kalnemi – a rakshas to help him stop Hanuman from reaching there on time. At first Kalnemi was reluctant because he knew Hanuman was a form of Shiva but then he thought instead of being killed by Ravan why not I get killed from the hands of Hanuman. He agreed and soon disguised himself as sage and started chanting the name of Shri Ram.Hanuman Killing Kalnemi's wife

When Hanuman heard Shri Ram’s name he comes and meet him. Kalnemi welcomed him and ask him about the war between Shri Ram and Ravan. He further says that with my divine powers I am watching everything from here and I am sure Shri Ram will win over the evil.

Hanuman was very happy to hear this and asked if he could get some water to drink. Disguised Kalnemi offered him water in a small vessel. That couldn’t quench Hanuman’s thirst and he asked for some more. Kalnemi asked him to go to the nearby lake and drink as much he desires. The moment Hanuman stepped into the lake a crocodile caught hold of his foot. Wasting no time Hanuman hit that crocodile so hard that it died on spot.

But before leaving she turned into a beautiful lady and said,”Oh Hanuman, the sage you met inside is a rakshas Kalnemi and I am his wife. Because of a Rishi Durvasa’s curse* we are born as rakshas but today I am free from that curse. May you succeed in your task.” Saying that she disappeared. Wondering why haven’t he heard any noises from outside, he stepped out of his hut but Hanuman was waiting for him, he caught hold of Kalnemi and killed him too.

*Rishi Durvasa curse – Kalnemi’s wife said, “Me and my husband Kalnemi lived in Indras court as musicians. One day Rishi Durvasa came to our court and seeing his ugly face we both started laughing. This offended him so much that he cursed us that we will be born as Rakshas on earth. After pleading to him, he had mercy on us and said that the curse will be lifted when Lord Vishnu will incarnate as Shri Ram in treta yug and at that time you both will be born as rakshas in Lanka. During the war when Lakshman, brother of Shri Ram will be injured, then Hanuman on his journey to Dronagiri mountains will come and liberate both of you from this curse.”

Hanuman resumed his journey and soon he reached Dronagiri parvat. The whole parvat was glowing and Hanuman failed to identify the correct booti. Since he was running out of time he lifted and carried the entire parvat in his palm and embarked on his journey back to Lanka. Hanumanji carrying a mountainOn his journey back he crossed over Ayodhya. At that time Bharat (Shri Ram’s yournger brother) was awake. Suddenly he saw a big shadow flying with a mountain. Thinking that he could be a rakshas he shot an arrow towards it. When the arrow hit Hanuman he cried,” Shri Ram, Shri Ram!” and fell to the ground.

When Bharat heard the name of his brother he ran towards Hanuman and placed his head in his lap. He pleaded him to open his eyes and asked him why is he taking Shri Ram’s name and who he was? Hanuman narrated him the whole story. Hearing everything Bharat was in total grief. He started crying and asked for forgiveness.Turning towards Hanuman he said,”Hanuman! along with this parvat please climb on this arrow of mine and it will take you faster.”

Hearing this Hanuman was puzzled that how could an arrow carry his weight and the mountains weight, but soon realized that he is Lord Shri Ram’s brother and how can he doubt him(Bharat)? Taking Shri Ram’s name he climbed on that arrow and it took off and flew into the horizon. Back in Lanka everyone was eyeing the sky and suddenly Hanuman appeared carrying the parvat in his palm. 

Vanars on the ground cheered his name and the whole environment was filled with chants of Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman. Hanuman had managed to come before dawn. As soon as he landed on the ground Rajvaidya Sushena rushed towards the parvat and gathered a mix of Jadi bootis (Life saving herbs) and administered it to Lakshman. Within minutes Lakshman woke up and Shri Ram and everyone was overcomed with joy.

Both brothers embraced each other and the whole environment was filled with tears of joy and happiness. Sanjeevani booti was so magical that its smell made all the dead vanars come back to life again. It was the moment of rejoice and celebration among the vanars. Shri Ram thanked Rajvaidya Sushena and asked Hanuman to drop him back to Lanka along with his house. Ram hugged Hanuman and thanked him for saving Lakshman’s life. READ MORE ABOUT WAR IN SHREE RAM SEVENTH INCARNATION.


Bhim and Hanuman

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Since Hanumanji is one of the Chiranjeevis (immortals), he has a boon to live forever. This story date back to Mahabharat days. During the Vanvas (exile) period of Pandvas, a pleasant flower breeze flew in the direction where Draupadi ( queen of the pandavs) was resting. She loved the smell and asked Bhim ( A Pandav) to get her a Lotus flower.

Bhim answered, “Oh! it’s nothing. I will bring you in a second.” He searched the forest for that fragrance and as he was about to reach there he found a monkey sleeping on the road.

Bhim did not recognize him and said, “Oh, you old monkey, move away from the road. I am on a task and you are delaying it. I am a strong warrior.”

Hanuman replied politely, ” Move my tail off the road first and then I will move away”. Bhim the strongest of the Pandavas smirked and tried to lift Hanuman’s tail with one hand but to his surprise it felt as if it was stuck to the ground. He applied his full force but was not able to lift Hanuman’s tail. He realized that this was not an ordinary monkey whom he was messing with.

He prays to him to reveal his true identity and Hanuman reveals his real avatar.Bhim ask for forgiveness and this is how Bhim met Hanuman during Mahabharat times.  


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