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Fruit and Vegetable Equivalents

Fruit and Vegetable EquivalentsThis handy chart will clearly tell you what 1 large tomato would be equivalent to, if the recipe calls for. Here we have researched and complied a handy list for your reference. Its always good to know your equivalents before advancing towards any recipe.

Food Equivalent - Fruits and Vegetables

Apples1 medium 1 cup chopped
Apples1 Pound ( LB)3 medium OR
3 Cups chopped
Apricots, dried6 Oz Package1 Cup
Apricots, fresh1 Pound ( LB)8-10 apricots
Apricots, fresh2 Medium1/2 Cup sliced
Bacon1/2 cup crumbled8 slices, cooked
Bananas1 medium1 cup sliced
Bananas2 medium 1 cup mashed
Bananas1 Pound ( LB)4- 6 bananas
Beans, dried1 Pound, dried
Appx. 2-1/4 cups uncooked OR
5-6 cups cooked
Beans, green1 Pound ( LB)
3 cups trimmed to 1" pieces
Bread1 cup soft crumbs1-1/2 slices
Bread1 cup dry crumbs4-5 slices oven-dried
Broccoli6 ounces2 cups trimmed to 1" florets
Cabbage1-1/2 pounds
1 medium head
Cabbage4 cups shredded
Carrots1-1/2 medium
1 cup shredded OR Sliced
Carrots1 Pound ( LB)5- 7 medium OR
2 1/4 cups shredded
30 -35 Baby carrots
Celery2 medium stalks
1 cup, chopped
Cheese (Firm)4 ounces1 Cup shredded 
Cheese1 Pound ( LB)4 to 5 Cup, shredded
Chocolate Chips6 ounces1 cup
Coconut3 ounces
1-1/3 cups shredded
Corn2 medium
1 cup kernels
Cranberries1 Pound ( LB)4 cups
Cucumber3/4 medium1 cup chopped
Dates6 ounces1 cup chopped
Eggplant1-1/2 Pound ( LB)1 medium
Eggplant12 ounces2 cups chunks
Eggs, large4 large eggs1 cup
Eggwhites7-8 large eggs, separated
1 cup
Garlic1 medium clove1/2 teaspoon, minced
Lemon, Lime1 medium2-3 teaspoons juice
Lemon, Lime1 medium
2-3 teaspoons peel
Lettuce1-1/2 Pound ( LB)1 medium head
Lettuce5 ounces2 cups shredded
Lettuce1 Pound ( LB)6 cups shredded
Melons1 Pound ( LB)2 cups chunks
Mushrooms1 Pound ( LB)
6 cups sliced
Nuts4 ounces1 cup chopped
Nuts1 Pound ( LB)3-4 cups halves
Onions, green2 medium2 tablespoons chopped
Onions, green3-4 medium1/4 cup sliced
Onions, white1 medium1/2 cup chopped
Orange1 medium
1/2 cup juice
Orange1 medium2 tablespoons peeled
Pasta8 ounces uncooked4 cups cooked
Peaches, pears or plums3 medium (1 LB)
2 cups sliced
Peas, green1 Pound ( LB) in pod1 cup shelled
Peppers1 small1/2 cup chopped
Peppers1 medium1 cup chopped
Pineapple1 medium (3 lbs.)4 cups cubed
Potatoes1-1/2 pounds10-12 small
Potatoes5-6 ounces1 medium
Potatoes1 medium1 cup chopped
Rice1 cup uncooked3 cups cooked
Spinach6 ounces4 cups leaves
Squash1 medium2 cups sliced
Strawberries1 quart4 cups sliced
Tomatoes1 large1 cup chopped
Turnips1 medium1 cup chopped
Zucchini1 medium2 cups chopped

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