Dals – Indian term used for Lentils

Dals - Indian term used for Lentils

Dal means all varieties of dried beans, split peas, and lentils. Daals are a huge part of Indian diet. They are low in fat and rich in fiber and protein. There are many different varieties of dals which have a specific use in Indian cooking. I have dal on my table everyday. Dal has a very earthy flavor and are versatile to cook. You can soak them, grind them or sprout them. They are used to make Dal tadka, Sambhar, Dal palak and many more Indian dishes.


Chana Dal means Bengal gram Split
Chana dal is a split polished dal made by removing outer layer of black chana. They have a sweet flavor.
Chole /Kabuli chana means Garbanzo beans OR Chick peasGarbanzo beans are a tasty legume. They can be tossed into salads, mashed into falafels and patties and also used as lentils to create a famous Indian dish called Chole Bhature.
Chori means Red beans
Green Chilka dal means Green Split peasVery flavorful and very light dal.
Kale chane means Black chanaSmaller version of garbanzo beans or white chole but in darker color. Rich in protein.
Lobia means Black eyed beansAlso known as Roongi or Chawali.
Masoor dal means Split red lentilPink in color and cooks in 10 minutes roughly 1 pressure cooker whistle.
Mung/ Moong Dhuli dal means Yellow dal or washed yellow dalAlso known as Split green gram without skin. The Famous tadka dal.
Rajma means Kidney BeansDifference between dark and light Kidney beans -
The dark kidney beans seem to stay hard, even though cooked for a long time, on the other hand light kidney beans cook faster and get softer early. If cooked for longer time it will dissolve in the gravy.
Sabut urad means Whole black beansPopularly known as "Maa ki dal" or Makhni Dal.
Sabut Moong dal means Whole green beansFull of proteins and used in sprouts and as topping for salads.
White vatana means dried white peasAlso known as Matar ( not to be confused with green matar) and when cooked makes famous dishes like MATAR with Kulcha and Ragda patties.
Urad Chilka dal means Split black gram with skinSimple dal often cooked with chana dal.
Urad dal means Split black gramWhite in color, without skin and has a mild flavor to it. When cooked it becomes stickier but flavorful.
Tuvar dal or Arhar dal means Pigeon peas OR yellow split peasContains high levels of proteins and is used commonly in Indian cooking. Prepares a famous dish called SAMBHAR.

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