Christmas – A holy day for Christians

Christmas - A holy day for Christians

Christmas is the day of Jesus’ birth for members of the Christian religion. It is both a holiday and a Holy Day and it is an important day on the religious calendar. Giving gifts on Christmas day is a way to symbolize the gift from God, that started on this day, with the birth of Jesus Christ.


Birth of JesusDecember 25th is the day set aside to remember the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The little baby that was born nearly 2000 years ago to be the Savior of the world!


Christmas tree is part of every Christmas celebration. Decorations include tinsel, bright ornaments, hollies, bells and candy canes. A star is mounted on top of many Christmas trees ,it represents the star that led the wise men to the stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

Santa clausDutch settlers brought to the New World the custom of celebrating St. Nicholas’ (Santa Claus) day on Christmas eve. Now, most families put up a Christmas tree and decorate the outside of the house with colorful lights after Thanksgiving. They also most often go to church to hear a sermon about Christ and their times on Christmas eve.

Christmas Carols- Families and friends exchange stories and sing songs commemorating annual holiday traditions. Christmas traditions include decorations, Christmas Carolsgiving of gifts, parties, lavish traditional dinners, and family get-together. A season to give & receive. Christmas is a season of spreading joy everywhere.

Even though the celebration of Christmas has changed quite a bit in the past few centuries, the reason for celebrating has always and will always be for the birth of Christ. For children around the world after a great Christmas eve fun begins at the dawn where they wake up early to unwraps the gifts Santa brought for them and the joy of Christmas begins.

Christmas in Australia is different than Christmas around the world – Where all around the world it is either winter months or white Christmas, but for people of Australia it’s often hot. On Christmas day they usually Carols by candlelighthave temperatures between 30 -35 degrees Celsius. Christmas shopping is done in shorts and T-shirts. Their traditional meal is a turkey dinner accompanied by a Christmas Plum pudding.

On Christmas Eve, in the city of Melbourne- Carols by Candlelight is hosted where thousands of people gather in the city to sing their favorite Christmas songs. As the name suggest Christmas Carols are sung and thousands of candles are lit. It’s a very sparkly and magical moment.

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