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Birbal solves the problem

How did Birbal solves the problem – let’s find out. One day King Akbar announced that the post of royal advisory is vacant. Several courtiers started eyeing for that post. Seeing so many people interested in that post Emperor announced that he would put them to a test and the one who passed the test would be appointed as the royal advisory. Courtiers were worried and started talking among themselves about the test. Read ahead to see how – Birbal solves the problem.

Birbal solves the problem Akbar ordered everyone to assemble in his court. Akbar unfastened his waist cloth (Cloak) and laid on the floor. Everyone wondered what the emperor was upto. Akbar then challenged his courtiers to cover him from head to toe with that cloak. Courtiers thought it was piece of cake for them. 

One by one the courtiers came forward and tried, but their attempts proved futile. If head was covered, then the feet remained exposed. Some even tried pulling and tugging the cloak but all in vain. Akbar was getting tired of all this tugging and pulling. 

Just then Birbal entered. He was surprised to see emperor in this condition. He sat in a corner and observed everything.Seeing Birbal Emperor asked him if he could do it. Birbal smiled and answered, “I would surely give it a try”. Birbal grabbed the cloak and examined emperor’s position- who was lying on the floor.

“Jahanpannah, would you kindly draw up your knees?” he said.

The emperor followed Birbal’s orders and drew up his knees. Birbal then threw the cloak over him and it covered him from head to toe. Everyone in the court including courtiers, realizing that they had failed the test, quietly fled out of the room. Witty Birbal had once again outsmarted Akbar’s courtiers. Akbar was impressed with Birbal’s reply and praised him.

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