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Birbal caught the thief

Hello Kidoos! ready for today’s story – hop on and let’s read how – Birbal caught the thief.

Akbar- Birbal - Birbal caught the Thief

Birbal grew more and more famous. In time, he became the king’s favorite. Akbar would consult him in all matters and he solved mostly all the problems for King Akbar. Once a rich merchant’s house was burgled. The merchant was angry as he suspected that the thief was one among his servants. He tried to find out who the thief was on his own but failed.

He approached Birbal and narrated the whole incident. Birbal visited the merchant’s house and ordered all the servants to assemble in the front hall. Keep ready how – Birbal caught the thief.

When all the 5 servants assembled Birbal asked them about the burglary. On inquiry, all the servants denied charges. Birbal knew that one of them is the culprit and came up with an idea. He arranged for five sticks of the same length and called upon the servants.

Birbal handed each one of them a stick and asked them to go home with it. He also mentioned that their stick was a magical stick as it will become shorter by two inches in length, by next day but the stick of real thief will remain the same. Servants went home with their sticks.

Next morning Birbal called all the servants and asked them to show their sticks. He found that the stick of one of the servant was short by two inches. He then declared that he is the thief. Merchant and others were surprised at Birbal’s decision. Finally, Birbal caught the thief.

Birbal explained that the thief when took home the stick he got worried, and thought that if it is a magical stick then his stick will not become short like others so he cut off two inches from the stick, fearing he will be caught. But in fact, it was not a magical stick rather it was an ordinary stick.

The merchant was very happy with Birbal’s fair judgment and applauded him. See kid’s how the problem was solved and how Birbal caught the thief – with his brilliant thinking. 

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