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Aloo Bonda recipe

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Total: 35 minutes
Serves 10 PIECES

Aloo Bonda recipe

Aloo Bonda or Batata wada is an all time favorite tea time snack. A savory spicy Indian appetizer -prepared with potatoes and spices are dipped in besan/ gram flour batter, deep fried and enjoyed with green and tamarind chutney. Traditionally batters were made with lukewarm water, spices and sometimes baking soda was added to add that extra crispiness. But I’ve come up with a version that results in crispy aloo bondas- they are as crispy and tasty as the traditional version. For the besan batter I have used club soda instead of water and the results are superb. The bubbles in the club soda creates an airy batter, which produces light and crispy bondas.

The trick to best Aloo bonda recipe is to beat the batter thoroughly as batter performs best when it’s well beaten, smooth and lump-free. The batter should always be prepared at the last minute- when your frying material and oil is ready. 

Alu Bonda dipping in sauce

Aloo Bonda recipe

5 from 9 votes
A savory Indian appetizer prepared with boiled potatoes and dipped in gram flour and deep fried to perfection!!
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Total: 35 minutes
Servings: 10 PIECES






  • Heat oil in a pan and add hing, mustard seeds and boiled mashed potatoes to it.
    Aloo in pan
  • To the mashed potatoes add all the spices.
    Aloo in pan and spices added
  • Give it a good mix until all the spices blend in with mashed potatoes and its color changes from off white to mustardy yellow . Allow the mixture to cool down.
    Aloo in pan and spices added
  • Time to shape them - take some mixture in your hand and make a round ball out of it. Continue doing it till all the mixture is used up.
    Alu bonda rolled up


  • Before we begin let's assemble all our ingredients. Besan, soda water, spices and a bowl to mix everything in.
    Besan preparation
  • Add besan to a bowl and stir in all the spices one by one. Time to add in soda water to the batter - at the same time start whisking the batter. You will hear a frizzy sound at first and then the bubbles will start to fade away as you whisk. Keep whisking the batter until it's smooth and lump- free. As shown in the picture below - it should be thick and of dropping consistency. Batter is ready.
    Besan preparation


  • Heat oil in a deep pan and bring it to a boiling point. Maintain your heat because if the oil cools down then the alu bonda's will take in too much oil and result into - greasy alu bondas and if the oil is too hot then the outer batter would brown fast and the inner coating will remain uncooked.
  • Once the alu balls are ready- check the oil if it's ready for frying. Drop a small drop of batter in the oil and if it rises to the surface immediately means your oil is ready for frying. Let's begin.Using a spoon drop the alu balls in the batter, roll and cover it in batter and carefully drop the alu balls in the hot oil.
    Alu bonda frying
  • Keep stirring and cook until they are evenly brown on all the sides. Keep a plate covered with paper towel ready nearby - to drain off the excess oil.
    Alu- bonda- recipe
  • As soon as they are out of the oil, sprinkle with chaat masala as this way it will stick to the alu bondas- again this is optonal. Serve right away as depending on the weather, the crispy coating on the alu bonda's may not last longer.
    Alu- bonda- recipe


Depending on the weather your batter may need more liquid than what is mentioned in the recipe - it's okay - add drop by drop at a time to reach the desired consistency and adjust the seasonings.
Likewise if you end up getting a runny batter- no worries add extra flour 1 teaspoon at a time till your batter reaches the right consistency, adjust your seasonings and you are good to go.
Disclaimer: The nutritional information provided above is approximate. Variations may exist due to the ingredients/brands used. These numbers should be considered estimates, as they are not calculated by a registered dietician.
Author: Ruchi

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