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Akbar’s 5 questions

Hello Kids!!

After a long time, I am posting an Akbar-Birbal story for you. Akbar’s five questions – this one is a real educational story, and the way Birbal answered these questions was outstandingly smart.

Are you ready, then snuggle yourself in bed, take your pillows, quilts and teddies; and Mom/Dad let’s begin 🙂

One day King Akbar entered his court before everyone. While he was sitting idle 5 questions just popped up in his head.

To check the intelligence level of his courtiers, he asked them the following questions: ?

  • Which flower is the best?
  • Whose milk is the best?
  • Which sweetness is the best?
  • Which leaf is the best?
  • Which king is the best?

1. After hearing to their king’s questions, everyone in the court tried to please him with their answers. Some said the rose is the best flower, while others declared lotus to be the best. The courtiers suggested a few other flower names, but Akbar was not satisfied with their answers.

2. Regarding milk, some claimed cows milk to be the best while others referred to buffalo and goats milk to be the best. Since they had no explanation to their answers, Akbar disregarded their answers.

3. Moving forward to the third question – courtiers said sugarcane has the best sweetness, others said pomegranate and sweets (mithai) has the best freshness.

4. To his fourth question, the answer was banana leaf was the best while others replied Neem leaves to be the best.

5. To his final question, all the courtiers had a unanimous call – KING AKBAR IS THE BEST!!

Akbar was very happy to see the loyalty of his courtiers but was not fully satisfied with their answers. ?

Can anybody guess what Birbal’s reply to Akbar’s 5 questions was? Not sure..then let’s keep reading.

After a few minutes, Birbal entered the court, and after taking his position in court, King Akbar asked him the very same questions.

Akbar’s 5 questions - Akbar Birbal Stories

Without wasting a minute, Birbal replied –

  • Cotton flower is the best. It is used to make clothes for everyone, and it covers everyone. All of us wear cotton clothes.
  • Mom’s milk is the best, because of it, her child is healthy and fit.
  • Sweetness is not in food; it’s in a speech; your tongue. If it utters sweet words, it pleases everyone and makes them happy. That’s why mom always says – talk softly and gently because a softener tone wants everyone.
  • Among the leaves, Betel leaves (paan ka patta) is the best. By eating betel leaves, even enemies become friends.
  • Among all the kings – king Indra is the best. On his demands, it rains, and we end up getting good crops. Due to which farmers provide healthy grains, and everyone gets fed.

King Akbar was very pleased with Birbal’s replies, and he was fully satisfied with all his answers. Birbal proved himself once again. ?

Nighty night Kiddos… Will meet you next time with another juicy story. Till then, goodbye, give your mom and dad a tight hug and sleep tight.

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  1. sarfaraz says:

    Good stories

  2. Abhishek Trivedi says:

    This story inspired us to be a clever like birbal in every situation…

  3. Flimbulo says:

    Sixth question: whose kitchrn is the best?

    Answer: Ruchi’s Kitchen is the best kitchen!!