Unfaithful Govind

Today’s story is about a unfaithful neighbor – Unfaithful Govind. Once an old man named Ramdas, thought of going on a pilgrimage but he was worried about his money so before setting out, he asked his neighbor Govind to take care of his money which he had placed in a jar. Govind agreed and with a free mind Ramdas left on a a pilgrimage to visit the holy places.

Ramdas returned after six months and went to his neighbors house to collect his jar. Govind returned the jar and Ramdas returned home happily. As soon as he reached home he opened the jar to check his money, but instead of money there was mango pickle in that jar. Was Govind really unfaithful – Keep reading Unfaithful Govind.

Akbar Birbal- Unfaithful GovindConfused Ramdas hurried to Govind’s house and inquired about his money but Govind denied that he had not taken his money. Nobody could help Ramdas and finally he complained to the emperor.

Akbar asked Birbal to decide the case. Birbal carefully examined the jar of pickle.

“Are you sure this is the same jar that was given to you?” he asked Govind.

“Yes, that’s the same jar that was entrusted to my care six months ago”, replied Unfaithful Govind. 

“And now it contains pickle,” asked Birbal.

“There must have been pickle in it all the time, I never looked inside it” said Unfaithful Govind.

Birbal sent for some women from the royal kitchen and when she came, Birbal asked her to inspect the pickle.

“How old is the pickle?” he asked her.

“Less than a month old,” replied the women. “The mango pieces are still fresh.”

Turning towards Govind, Birbal said that he was lying & if he confessed in front of the king, he shall be pardoned. Govind admitted to his theft and begged for mercy. Akbar was as usual impressed with Birbal’s justice and he ordered Govind to return Ramdas money in a month.

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