The Real King

Today’s story is about – The Real King. King Akbar was one of the greatest Kings in Mughal History. His court was adorned with intelligent men from all around the world. Akbar always tested his courtiers intelligence with interesting and difficult questions. Among all his courtiers Birbal would answer all his questions in just few minutes and thus he was King’s favorite and king would always praise Birbal. Will he be able to identify – The Real king – keep reading.

Once King of Egypt heard about Birbal’s wisdom and wanted to test him. So he asked King Akbar to send Birbal to his court. Birbal left for Egypt the very next day. When Birbal arrived in Egypt, he got a very warm welcome and the Minister to the King of Egypt informed Birbal that ,”The King will see you in court tomorrow.”

The following morning when Birbal entered the court, to his utter surprise he saw five identical Kings and not one! They were all seated on different royal thrones wearing the same royal costumes and jewelry.Akbar Birbal- The real king Birbal was perplexed, all of them looked alike, dressed up in royal attire. But he soon figured out that he was being put to test by the King. However he observed all of them for some time and then walked up to one of the Kings and said, ” Long live the King!”

Including the King everyone in the court was surprised. King of Egypt inquired, “How did you know I was the real King?”

Birbal replied “Your Majesty, the other Kings were watching you closely and trying to imitate you but you on the other hand, were sitting calm, cool and relaxed. So I guessed you were the Real King. A commoner will always look up to his king for support”.

The King was surprised at the wit and common sense of Birbal. He praised Birbal in his court and showered him with rich gifts and jewels. Birbal came back to the court of Akbar and reported his great experience. Birbal had once again made Akbar proud.

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