The Clever Mayawati

Morale of the story – IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY!

Long time ago, in a village there lived two giants, Bhuddimati and Vrikasura. Vrikasura was a violent fellow and always carried a club with him. All those who disagreed with him, got a good drubbing from his club. Same way Buddimati was also strong but a patient one.

Panchtantra - The Clever Mayawati

Image source – Panchtantra

Both of them could swat ordinary men like flies, and were strong built like a mountain. They could drink barrels of water in a gulp. Everyone was afraid of them. Though they had not met each other they were not aware of each other’s powers.

One day Vrikasura decided to visit Bhuddimati’s place. Bhuddimati had heard about his anger and so he didn’t wanted an encounter with Vrikasura. He got worried and thought to himself, “Oh! What will I do if Vrikasura calls me for fight. How can I avoid him?”

Just then his wife, Mayamati, happened to come in. Seeing her husband worried, she inquired about the whole matter and just that an idea to outwit the wicked Vrikasura hit her. She said,“Don’t you worry, keep quiet and lie down on that cot. I will take care of everything. But don’t move until I tell you to,” instructed Mayamati. “What are you up to, dear wife?” inquired an eager but frightened Bhuddimati.

Panchtantra - The Clever Mayawati

Image source – Panchtantra

Confident with her plan Mayamati said,“Relax!. Vrikasura can’t touch you when I am around.” She then covered her husband with a quilt and went out to receive Vrikasura .She could hear Vrikasura coming by the noise of scared animals & birds, falling trees and trembling earth.

Seeing, Mayamati on the door, Vrikasura thundered, “Where is that coward husband of yours ? Can’t he come in person to greet me? Go inside and tell him that I am here.”

“My husband is not in town. He has gone to attend a wedding in the neighboring jungle. But what can I do for you, sir?” politely replied Mayamati.

“Don’t you lie to me lady, if your husband doesn’t come out, I am going to eat all your chicken,” said Vrikasura. Mayamati was ready for this she replied, “Chicken, what chicken? These are the fleas which falls out by the dozen, when my husband combs his hair everyday. You must have mistaken these fleas for chicken.”

Foolish Vrikasura believed her and seeing her cows in the shed he roared, “Now if you don’t call your husband out I’ll kill all your cows and have a feast of them.” “Cows! Are you mad? They are my pet mice. I had to persuade my husband to let me keep them. See, he really doesn’t like any pets,” said Mayamati. Vrikasura felt a hint of fear. The fleas were the size of his hens and now the mice were the size of fully-grown cattle. But he couldn’t let himself be afraid. He thought this Bhuddimati certainly cannot be a mightier person than him. On this thought he growled.

Panchtantra - The Clever Mayawati

Image source – Panchtantra

“Please be silent as I had a hard time putting my baby to sleep,” said Mayamati . “Your baby!” Vrikasura was surprised. “Hey lady! Let me in. I’ll find out where that coward is hiding,” ordered Vrikasura . He searched the entire house and finally came to the bedroom. He looked at the cot on which Bhuddimati was sleeping.

He thought, “If Bhuddimati’s baby were so huge, how huge would Bhuddimati be? I made a wrong decision of visiting Bhuddimati.” He turned towards Mayamati and said, “Lady, I am sorry I couldn’t meet your husband. Do convey my regards to him when he comes back.” and he ran out as fast as he could.

After Vrikasura was gone, Mayamati went in the house and woke her husband up. Bhuddimati inquired about Vikasura and Mayamati narrated him the whole story. He was surprised at his wife’s sense of humor and praised her. She had brilliantly tackled the wicked Vrikasura and saved him from trouble. Cleverness has its own advantages.

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