Outwits the Cheat

Let’s read how Birbal – Outwits the Cheat. A farmer named Motilal and his neighbor Chandu were very good friends. Everything was fine between them but one day they had a dispute over a well and none of them was able to resolve it.The matter reached Emperor Akbar’s court. Will Birbal be able to – Outwits the Cheat – keep reading.

“Your Majesty, I bought a well from him,” said Motilal pointing towards Chandu, his neighbor, “and now he wants me to pay for that water, how’s that possible?”

“That’s right, your majesty,” replied Chandu. “I sold him the well but not the water so he has to pay me back!”

Akbar - birbal - Outwits the cheat Emperor was totally puzzled over this matter and asked Birbal to settle the dispute.Birbal who was listening carefully cam forward with his witty thoughts.

“Didn’t you say that you sold your well to this farmer?” Birbal asked Chandu.

“Yes Huzoor!”, replied Chandu confidently.

Birbal understood the smartness of Chandu and replied, “So, in that case that well belongs to Motilal now and since you (Chandu) have kept your water in his well, you (Chandu) will have to pay Motilal a rent or take your water out at once or face punishment.” Chandu was taken aback with Birbal’s judgement. Birbal had left no room for arguement.

Chandu realized that he was outwitted. He quickly apologized and gave up his claim. Akbar was amazed at Birbal’s judgement and praised him for that.

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