The Monkey and the log

Moral of the story – LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!!

Once upon a time few worksman were busy building a temple on the outskirts of a town. Around noon workers felt hungry & decided to go to town for lunch.

But one of the workers Sohan refused to go as he was cutting a log and he couldn’t leave it in the middle as some kids might get hurt. One of his friend said, “Just put a wedge there and come with us.” Sohan liked the idea & said, “I just hope that no one touches that wedge while we are away.”

Panchtantra -Monkey and the log

Image source – Panchtantra

Hardly had the workmen left when a group of monkeys arrived on the scene. They all played & jumped around that place but one of the monkey named Chimpu was very mischievous.

Chimpu soon got bored playing & jumping around and suddenly he saw the wedge stuck in between the wooden logs. Looking at the wedge Chimpu began to wonder, “What is this piece of wood doing here & why it is placed like this? There must be something lovely underneath it.” One of the wise monkey warned him and told him to stay away from that log. But Chimpu paid no heed to his words. 

Thinking about all the goodies that could be down there, he sat on the half-sawn log, crisscrossed and tried to pull the wedge out with his full force but it was to tough to do so.

 He thought, ” There is definitely something very precious that’s why it’s tightly wedged. I should apply more force.” But after a long struggle wedge came out of that log but the gap in the log closed in, trapping Chimpu’s leg.

Panchtantra -Monkey and the log

Image source – Panchtantra

Chimpu cried and shouted help. Seeing him in trouble all the other monkey’s rushed to his help but it was all in vain. The poor monkey was instantly killed. Wise monkey’s said,” One who try to interfere with others work always end in trouble. Some things should always be left for the experts.”


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