Lord Krishna – Bal Leela

About five thousand years ago, there lived a king named Ugrasen. He was the king of Mathura, but his son Kans usurped his kingdom and had imprisoned his own father, Ugrasen, and declared himself the King of Mathura.
On his orders his soldiers used to kill innocent peoples. Seeing this the earth went to Brahma in the form of a cow and complained, “Now I cannot bear the burden of tyrant like Kans. Kans is a great enemies of justice, morality and nobility.”

Brahma went to Vishnu and Vishnu assured that he would take birth on earth and would kill Kans. Lord Krishna - Bal Leela

Ugrasen’s brother Devaka had a daughter named Devki. She was a cousin of Kans and Kans loved her very much. She was married to Vasudev, the son of Yadav Shursen. Kans himself had made all arrangements for the pompous wedding. When Kans was sending them off, he heard a voice from the sky, “O, proud king, Kans, the eighth child of your cousin Devki shall kill you.”

These words of the oracle angered Kans, who drew his sword and caught Devki by her hair. Vasudev promised Kans to give all his children to Kans, and leave Devki.

With great difficulty Kans could be convinced to spare Devki, on a condition that the couple will be kept in the palace under a close watch. Vasudev and Devki, were imprisoned.

In the prison Devki gave birth to six sons and all of them were killed by Kans. Devki had no alternative except to close her eyes at such a horrible sight. Vasudev too helplessly watched the cruelty of Kans.

The seventh child was of premature birth and he was brought up by Vasudev’s another wife Rohini. He was Balaram.

The eighth child was yet to be born. He was to be the destroyer of Kans. This time Kans made the patrolling very tight and often he himself inspected Devki’s jail-like residence.

Kans had the fear of Devki’s eighth son because the divine utterance had suggested that he would kill him.

Krishna2At midnight, on a stormy night, the eight day of the lunar month of Shravana, Devki gave birth to a child. Unlike other new born babies this child did not cry at the time of his birth.

The child had a dark complexion like a monsoon cloud, but was handsome beyond compare. He looked like the God of love and beauty. On the night of the birth of their eighth child, the prison guards fell into a deep sleep and the doors were unlocked.

Taking advantage of this opportunity,Vasudev took the baby in a wicker basket and left the dungeon. He crossed the stormy Yamuna river and went to Gokul. He gave his son to Nand and Yashoda, and exchanged their baby girl and brought her back to the dungeon. As soon as he reached the doors of the prison was locked again and the watchmen were awake, they


realized that a baby girl was born.

Soon Kans came, and snatched the girl from Devki and dashed her against the prison wall with all his might putting an end to her existence once and for all.

Instantly the girl flew away in the sky saying, “You evil one! I’ m Mahamaya. Your destroyer is already born and is safe and sound!” Kansa was disappointed and he returned terrified. As Kans knew that his killer was still alive. He ordered all his soldiers to kill each and every new born baby. They did so, but when they went to the house of Nand and Yashoda, they did not find the young boy. The Nand’s were enjoying the celebration.

Kans was frightened by the heavenly voice. He immediately sent for Putna, his wicked maid, and asked her to kill all the babies born on the same day when Devki gave birth to the baby.

Krishna4In the beginning people, out of their goodness, did not suspect Putna’s heinous plans, but as time passed, they found out that all the babies whom Putna fondled were dead. They began to search for Putna. In the mean time Putna reached Nand’s house and lovingly asked Krishna’s mother, Yashoda, to give the baby to her to love and fondle. Yashoda gave the baby and, without any suspicion, went on with her daily chore.

Suddenly there was a loud shriek. Everyone came running to the courtyard and found to their surprise the dead body of Putna lying on the floor while Krishna was smiling and kicking. Krishna had scratched her to bleed and Putna died with her own poison. People now knew that Krishna was not an ordinary boy. Yashoda happily picked up Krishna and felt safe.

Krishna and his friends would go inside the house, find out the earthen pot where the Gopi had put her milk and butter and Krishna would climb his friends to get pot. Krishna was a leader among his age group of children in the neighborhood. He was extremely found of curd and butter.
When the “Gopi” (wife of a cowherd), went to the village river to fetch water, Krishna and his friends would go inside the house, find out the earthen pot where the Gopi had put her milk and butter and Krishna would climb his friends to get pot. They would eat the yogurt and butter and leave the empty pots. The Gopi, came to Yashoda and complained about Krishna and his friends deeds. Krishna, always used Yashoda’s lap to hide when the Gopi came to complain.

As Krishna grew up the Nand’s went to Vrindavan. Vrindavan was a beautiful place on the banks of river Yamuna, with a lot of grass for cows.Krishna6

A beautiful gopi, Radha, was found of Krishna’s music. She danced to the tunes of his flute .Krishna and his cowherd friends went to these pastures for the cows to graze. Krishna played his flute, the music was so majestic and captivate to the heart of gopis who would come and listen to Krishna play.

One day when Krishna and his friends were grazing the cows, Kans’s devil, Aghasur assumed the form of a large python and posted himself among the plants with his mouth wide open. The young cowherds thought it was a cave and entered.

Seeing that everyone has entered the mouth Aghasur closed his mouth.Krishna also entered the cave. Seeing that everyone has entered the mouth Aghasur closed his mouth. The young cowherds got very scared and started crying, Krishna then made a hole in the eyes of the python and all cowherds came out. Such were the adventures of Krishna in his childhood.

One day a giant devil named Pralmbsur dressed as a young cowherd, mixed with the children to kill Krishna. He was sent by Kans. While playing a game in teams, Krishna’s team lost and Balaram’s won. Pralambasur was in Krishna’s team and had to carry Balaram on his shoulders to Yamuna river. While Pralmbsur was carrying Balaram on his shoulders, he had evil intentions of killing Balaram. Balaram soon found out the intentions of Pralambasur and hit hard on the head and killed the devil there and then.

Krishna9During the rainy season the people of Brij prepared to set for a festival. In an argument with Nand baba, Krishna said, “It was the rain God, who brings monsoon, and not lord Indra. We should be master of our senses and propitiate out Govardhan Hill, which brings us rains.”

Indra when heard this got angry and it rained heavily in Brij. Krishna led everyone into a cave of Govardhan Hill. When the cave was giving way, Krishna lifted the entire roof of the Govardhan to save the People of Brij.

Kans, after coming to know the adventures of Krishna, thought of killing him. He arranged his elephant known as Kuvalayapeed ready to attack Krishna as soon as he entered the arena of wrestlers.

When the elephant rushed to him, Krishna twisted the trunk. After the elephant fell down, he screwed out the tusk of the elephant and crushed the elephant’s head.

In a wrestling fight arranged by Kans, the young boys Krishna and Balaram killed almost all Kans’s best wrestlers. He also killed all the wrestlers of Kans. Everyone praised these children except Kans. He ordered his soldiers to kill Krishna and Balaram. Finally when his soldiers could not do it, Kans himself came rushing to kill Krishna. Whenever virtue is assailed and wickedness prospers, God descends to the earth as a human being to play the role (His) as a savior of mankind.


Krishna jumped with all his might and threw Kansa on the ground. At last he was killed by Krishna.Krishna liberated the people of Mathura from the tyranny of Kans, he liberated Ugrasen, father of Kans and made him once again the King of Mathura. When Krishna, finally killed Kans he liberated his parents Vasudev and Devki from the dungeon.


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