Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

Each one of us spend ample amount of time in the kitchen cooking healthy and simple meals for our family. Kitchen utensils/tools are an essential part of cooking and they make life easier. Whenever I am cooking I find myself using some of the the above listed tools over and over again. I have received many queries about my kitchen tools and here I have complied a list of some of my favorite tools that I use in my kitchen more often. To get an idea, I have attached details to each and every tool and how are they being used in my kitchen.

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APPE PAN - A healthy option to fried food and most commonly used in my kitchen. I love this particular one because whenever I need break from frying, appe pan comes to the rescue.

Recipes - Non fried kofta curry, Punjabi kadhi, Keema kofta curry

NONSTICK MUFFIN TRAY - This is for sure one of the most useful kitchen utensils when it comes to baking. For me muffin tray is more than just baking cupcakes and muffins. It's a versatile utensil when it comes to baking sweet or savory dishes. I prefer the nonstick one, this way food doesn't stick to the base and can be easily removed. Above all clean up is easy. 🙂

Recipes - Eggless Vanilla cupcakes, Katori Chaat (baked version), Mexican veggie bowls, Paneer filled bowls, Chocolate desert cups.

BAKING SET- At times variety of baking sheets come in handy. This is the one that is have used in most of my recipes from baking pavs, to make crumble cakes. True to its name this set is all non-stick and cleans up easily. After I am done with my cooking I make sure I hand wash them myself in the sink and dry them on a drying rack.

Recipes - Ladi pav, Crumble cake, Eggless cake recipe, Eggless cake using cake mix.

KITCHEN AID STAND MIXER- This one is a hero in my kitchen. From kneading dough to mixing cake batters it's a life saver. For years I have been reluctant in buying this and then after my friends talked me into this multitasker, I made the ultimate kitchen investment. I just love it and I am glad I did this. It makes your life easier and everyone likes to have extra hands in the kitchen.
Recipes - Cake mixing, Making dough, Making pavs.

MEASURING CUPS AND SPOONS - There are so many reasons why you should have these in your kitchen. Perfect for measuring ingredients, your recipe can never so wrong with these and at times they come in real handy and act as little scoops for your flour and lentils. The best part is they snap together and keep my drawers organized! Comes in all different colors and look very pretty.

Recipes - Cakes.

BUNDT PAN - I am a huge baking enthusiast and I love my bundt pans. I have a couple of these in my kitchen and these pans bakes impressive and beautiful cakes. It's like giving a makeover to a simple cake recipe. Best part about these is that the cakes unmold nicely from a greased pan, no hussle and no mess.

Recipes - Cakes.

SILICONE SPATULAS - Because of their silicone heads they are great around heat and very flexible. I prefer to cook in nonstick and these silicone spatulas save them from scratching. Besides cooking I use them for N number of things - for whipping cream, folding fruits in cake batter, mixing batters and much more. I have slowly started to build on my collection by adding more colorful spatulas to my stock!

CUISINART FOOD PROCESSOR - Having a food processor is like having a sous chef in your kitchen. A great tool and a great helping hand around kitchen. From chopping, to grinding, slicing and kneading dough this equipment is like a blessing in disguise. My buddy and an important member of my RK family. I presently have one in my kitchen for the last 6 years and still going strong. I’m looking forward to making many more delicious meals with this one.

Recipes - Basil sauce, Boondi Ladoo

SILICONE KITCHEN MITTENS - If you love baking then these are a must in your kitchen. No more burning hands and perfect for handling hot food out of the oven and off the stove. Oven mitts are flexible, heat resistant and waterproof. I prefer long one's that keeps my hands and forearms safe from burning when placing items in the oven. You'll love this as an addition to your kitchen tools.

Recipe - Cakes, Making pavs

DONUT PAN - Besides my regular kitchen pots and pans I use this pan to make healthy dal vadas at home. It's nonstick and uses very less or no oil at all to make non fried healthy vadas. Best part is after steaming the vadas they slide out perfectly.

Recipe - Dahi Vadas

APRON - Apron is a great help while working in the kitchen and doing dishes. A must have and save your clothes from getting dirty and splashes.

CONTAINERS - I use variety of containers in my kitchen to store and reheat my leftovers. Comes in all shapes and sizes and are durable. Have owned two sets for the last 8 years.

CHOPPING BOARD - A multitasker. Besides chopping my veggies I use it as a placement to keep my hot pans on, as a bridge between my kitchen sinks and sometimes as a base board to stage my recipe.

ICING KIT - A beginners guide to decorating cakes and cookies. Have used it many times to decorate my cupcakes.

Recipe - Cupcakes

CUPCAKE LINERS - Give a fancy look to your cupcakes by dressing them in these colorful liners. Have used them in couple of my recipes.

Recipe - Cupcakes

Indian Griddle (Tava) - A must have in Indian cooking. I use this to make my yummy parathas and tawa sabzi.

Recipe - Tawa sabzi, Paratha

Programmable Slow Cooker Slow cookers are a blessing in disguise and a lifesaver for busy families. Browse through my slow cooker recipes to cook yummy meals.

See slow cooker recipes

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer -
If you need to slice onions for a kebabs or salad or want to julienne potato for a snack, this tool really comes in handy.

Recipe - Chana Dal kebab,
Sabudana Namkeen

Silcone Mixing Spoon