Honey wheat brown bread


Honey wheat brown bread

Share19 Pin1.3K +15 Tweet Yum2 Stumble1Shares 1.4K Craving for a quick and simple homemade bread with healthy ingredients, then give this honey wheat brown bread a try. Combing it with corn soup and veggie penne pasta to create a perfect meal tonight. This recipe is a perfect...

Churma recipe 24

Churma or Choorma recipe

Share6 Pin17 +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 23 Step by step recipe to prepare Churma or Choorma recipe. Churma is a great accompaniment to the trio dish DAL, BAATI CHURMA. Prepared with wheat dough balls which are baked in oven and then reduced to crumbs to...


Dal Baati OR Baati Dal

Share11 Pin97 +12 Tweet Yum32 StumbleShares 142 Today I bring you a popular and signature dish of Rajasthan – DAL BAATI, CHURMA relished and enjoyed by all. Rajasthan means – “Abode of Kings” and the food of Rajasthan is colorful, has rich flavors, exotic aroma...