Veg Manchurian Rice


Veg Manchurian Rice

Share32Pin688TweetYum16WhatsApp736 Shares Being a foodie, I always experiment with different ways to create simple and easy dinner meals for a busy week night. With some cabbage and shredded carrots sitting in my refrigerator, thought of a yummy and hearty dinner recipe. Prepared veg manchurian balls, chopped some veggies, boiled...


Healthy Veg Manchurian Recipe

Share14Pin7.1KTweetYum34WhatsApp7.1K Shares Thursday night and my meal plan say lentils with bharta, but my kids are in no mood to eat DAL!!  With just 1 hour on hand, I go back in my kitchen looking for a quick fix. Opened my refrigerator and found some veggies, and the...


Instant Uttapam Recipe

Share16Pin86TweetYum4WhatsApp106 Shares Looking for a quick and easy breakfast recipe; here it is – healthy and yummy uttapams prepared with homemade uttapam mix. Savory Indian pancakes prepared with rice and lentil flour, topped with your favorite toppings is a perfect way to start your day!! No...