Slow cooker Matra ki chaat


Slow cooker Matra ki chaat

Share10Pin222TweetYum5WhatsApp237 Shares Planning a morning brunch – try cooking in slow cooker, add everything to it a night before, set the timer and in the morning you will have your brunch ready – add tadka/tempering, adjust spices and enjoy quality time with your that sounds good...


Ragda Patties

Share4Pin27TweetYum7WhatsApp38 Shares Another addition to my love for Indian street food- Ragda Patties or pattices. Besides Vada pav and pav bhaji this is yet another Mumbai delicacy that I relish a lot. It’s a lip- smacking one-pot street food where potato cutlets are topped with dried peas...


Matar Kulcha Recipe

SharePin7.9KTweetYum6WhatsApp7.9K Shares It’s pouring down heavily and time to enjoy some healthy Indian street food. Matar or Matra ki chaat with wheat kulcha– YUM- a perfect complement to the weather. Delhi streets are flooded with vendors selling Matar kulche or Chole Kulche at every corner. It’s...