Minced Chicken Puffs


Minced Chicken Puffs

Share15Pin2.8KTweetYumStumble80+12.9K Shares These Minced Chicken Puffs make one of the most flavorful hors d’oeuvres you can make this holiday season. A delicious and elegant party appetizer that is flaky, crispy and crunchy – all-in-one-bite! Looking for a delicious recipe for your next get-together, then look no more. These Minced...


Chicken Keema Recipe

Share65Pin95TweetYumStumble+12162 Shares Keema/Kheema is a flavorful dish prepared with minced mutton which is sauteed in onions and seasoned with aromatic spices. I have improvised this recipe and switched it with Chicken- making it Chicken Keema Recipe. Both chicken and mutton are a great source of...