Ram Ladoo recipe


Ram Ladoo recipe

Share43Pin11.6KTweetYum16Stumble1+1411.7K SharesScrumptious and delicious Ram Ladoo recipe is an all time favorite tea time snack. This insanely crispy and crunchy moong dal fritters are topped with shredded radish, tangy chutneys and ready to eat. A gluten-free and vegan recipe! Hello, Delhi bellies…. here comes the popular street food...


Tamarind and Date Chutney

Share5Pin54TweetYumStumble+159 SharesA sweet and tangy chutney prepared with tamarind, dates and jaggery. Also referred to as Khajoor-Imli Ki Chutney or saunth chutney. A side chutney or dip for samosa’s or any fried savory snack. Drizzle this yummy tamarind and date chutney over your chaat or dahi bhallas and...