Instant Rabri or Rabdi


Instant Rabri or Rabdi

Share18Pin182TweetYum11+113224 Shares Growing up, I have always relished my mom made desserts. She had that magic touch which could convert a simple pudding into a rich and heavenly delight at ease. Among all the sweets that my mom made, this one is my all time favorite Diwali sweet. Rabdi or...


Sheer Khurma or Sheer korma recipe

Share1Pin104TweetYum1+12108 Shares Another delicacy from the Mughlai cuisine– Sheer Khurma or Sheer korma recipe. Sheer Khurma means ‘milk prepared with dates’. It’s a sweet vermicelli pudding prepared with milk, dates, dry nuts and coconut. A popular dessert enjoyed on the festive occasion of Eid. I have...