Bharwan Baingan Recipe


Bharwan Baingan Recipe

Share33Pin1.5KTweetYum1WhatsApp1.5K Shares Enjoy the healthy and delicious bharwan baingan Recipe that is stuffed with medley of spices, lentils and peanuts. Now this is what I call comfort food – surprisingly easy to make vegan and a gluten free recipe! By now you might have known my love...


Bharwan Mirchi Recipe

Share28Pin3.4KTweetYum1WhatsApp3.4K Shares A low-carb, gluten-free and vegan bharwan mirchi recipe (stuffed peppers) that taste delicious and is so easy to make! It’s a fantastic side dish that will complement any main course!! Everyone has their own way of making bharwan mirchi recipe (stuffed peppers) but when it comes to me,...


Pan smeared Chicken Chops

Share3Pin101TweetYum1WhatsApp105 Shares Pan smeared Chicken Chops is a pan – sauteed chicken delicacy that is marinated in aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Chicken chops also known as chicken chaap or chicken in chaape is delicious, flavorful and simple to prepare! This recipe calls for two marinades. Firstly,...