Eggless Crumble Cake


Eggless Crumble Cake

Share22Pin700TweetYum13WhatsApp735 Shares Everyday coffee cake that can be enjoyed at any time of the day! Easy to make and prepared with always available -on-hand pantry ingredients. Eggless Crumble Cake, a simple and tender cake with toppings of cinnamon,walnuts and brown sugar – super moist, and totally addicting recipe! Cinnamon on...


Dhaba style chicken curry

Share29Pin202TweetYumWhatsApp231 Shares Dhaba pronounced as “Dha- bah” refers to roadside restaurants which are situated on highways. Dhaba’s are like a shed or a hut shaped building that has a center island. Underneath that center island are huge burners and huge utensils filled with local food is...


Petha – Kaddu ki sabzi

Share2Pin32TweetYum1WhatsApp35 Shares This post is all about spicy Pethe ki sabzi or let’s say kaddu ki sabzi. Petha or kaddu is a hindi term used for yellow squash/pumpkin. Petha is the most popular vegetable used during fasting time. Apart from being a nutritional vegetable, it...