Chatpati Cone Chaat Recipe


Falafel stuffed in Pita pockets

Share6Pin15TweetYum1+1224 SharesIt’s raining tonight and my taste buds are craving for some Greek food today – what could be better than Falafel stuffed in Pita bread pockets! Yum. Falafel is traditionally a Middle Eastern food where fried Garbanzo beans fritters is served with cucumber- yogurt sauce (tzatziki sauce). For this...


Katori Chaat Recipe

Share946Pin5.6KTweetYum2+1896.6K Shares Need an appetizer or snack for a party, try katori chaat recipe or tokri chaat!!  ‘Katori or tokri’ refers to a bowl or canopies that are filled with potatoes and chutneys and ‘chaat’ is the term used for savory Indian street snacks. No doubt making the...