Healthy Paneer Cutlets


Healthy Paneer Cutlets

Share5Pin293TweetYum12WhatsApp374 Shares Cutlets have always been my favorite appetizer, easy to prepare and flavorful. Every bite you dig in, is so delicious and simply delectable! The term “cutlet” is used to describe a patty (either veg or non veg) that is dipped in egg wash, covered...


Papad Katori Chaat

Share5.4KPin6.8KTweetYum1WhatsApp12.2K Shares Papad Katori Chaat as the name suggest is a crispy and crunchy papadum bowls that are filled with protein-packed delicious chickpea salad. Perfect as a light meal or a tea time snack!  If you think I am constantly obsessed with making katoris (bowls),...