I am your servant

Good Evening kids!! How was school, tiring and exhausting, right… chalo let’s relax, cuddle up and get ready for a funny story – Today’s story from Birbal’s treasure box is – I am your servant.

I am your servantOne day king during lunch time, Akbar was enjoying an eggplant ( baigan) vegetable. He was praising that vegetable a lot – ” Eggplant is very nutritious, has vitamins and is vary tasty.” Birbal was agreeing to everything what Akbar said. Not only that, in praises of Eggplant he too started adding few statements- ” Jaha pannah, look how rich is the color of eggplant and how well it taste when cooked with potatoes. It indeed must be very tasty.”

Kids do you like eggplant…my kids also do the same what you guys did right now but they love eating the potatoes mixed with eggplant. Well let’s move on with the story.

Akbar was listening to everything and suddenly an idea struck Akbar and he decided to test Birbal. He ordered his cooks to again prepare the eggplant vegetable next day. Next afternoon, when Akbar sat down for his royal lunch he called for Birbal. He wanted to test Birbal on how Birbal will accomplish what he says.

The moment Birbal came, Akbar started criticizing eggplant and Birbal to joined him in criticizing the vegetable- “What kind of a vegetable this is, so mushy and causes indigestion”.

Akbar was surprised to hear Birbal’s words. “ Birbal how can I believe you on this one. The other day, you were speaking in favor of eggplant and today you are speaking against it. When I was praising eggplant, you did the same thing and when I said bad things about eggplant you did the same. Can you explain your words?

Birbal answered in a much softer tone, “ Jahan Pannah! if you praise something I will do the same and if you disagree with something I will follow you – as it’s my job and I am your servant not eggplant’s!

HA!! HA!! HA!! Isn’t Birbal funny and what a sweet reply. So once again kidoos Goodnight and sweet dreams, hug your parents and nighty night!!

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