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How to remove seeds and pulp from tomatoes

How to remove seeds and pulp from tomatoes

Recipe calls for a pulp free tomato – but how to do it? Follow 5 easy steps below and you can get rid of tomato pulp and seeds, but don’t throw them – use them to cook vegetables.Tomato contains a lot of liquid and this liquid could mess up a recipe like a salad, raita or chaat. Removing seeds and jelly-like pulp of a tomato will get rid of all the liquid as well as the bitter taste of tomatoes. Pulp is good in Vitamin C and nutrients but for some recipe it may not seem the right choice. Remember it’s not the seeds which has the flavor it’s the skin of the tomatoes that has all the flavor. To de-seed a tomato you need firm tomatoes – squishy and over-ripped tomatoes will not work. 


1. Wash and clean tomatoes. Wipe them dry. Cut and discard the top of a tomato.Using a sharp knife cut the tomato in half lengthwise – from top to the bottom. Using a spoon scoop out the pulp and seed of tomatoes.

How to remove seeds and pulp from tomatoes

2. Repeat the process with rest of the tomatoes. Once all the pulp is removed – take a paper towel/napkin and dry out the deseeded tomatoes.Using a sharp knife dice the tomatoes and use them in your recipe. Now you have perfectly diced tomatoes- toss them in your salads without the fear of messing it up.

Spoon tomatoes

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