Heavy Burden

Once again Hello everyone, today’s funny story – Heavy burden. Once a distraught old woman came to Birbal for help. Birbal seeing her condition, made her sit and offered her water and later asked her,”Amma, how can I help you?” She narrated him the whole story – King Akbar had decided to build a palace on her property. She didn’t want to leave that place as it was her ancestral property. Birbal listened to her carefully and assured her that he’d do his best to save her property. Will Birbal help that old lady.. keep reading – Heavy Burden.

Birbal thought of a plan. Next day he visited the construction site with Akbar. He saw many gunny bags lying next to a pile of mud. He immediately thought of a plan to solve this problem. He began to fill up the bags with mud. 

Akbar Birbal- Heavy burden“Why are you doing this?” asked Akbar.

“To earn merit in my next life, Huzoor,” replied Birbal. Amused at the answer, Akbar too decided to join Birbal.

Afterwards Birbal requested Akbar to help him lift one of the sacks. Akbar was surprised at Birbal’s request but he helped him lift up the bag.

“Aah, this is very heavy!” said Akbar, staggering under the weight of a bag.

“Your Majesty,” said Birbal, “A bag of mud is so heavy. Imagine how much mud there must be in this piece of land. Will it not weigh heavily on your conscience to destroy somebody ancestral property? Oh.. what a Heavy burden would that be.”

Akbar was amazed at Birbal’s reply, he soon realized his mistake and gave orders to discontinue the construction. Later they went to that old lady and land was returned to that old women who applauded and praised Birbal for his good deed.

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