Hasty Punishment

Ready for Akbar Birbal story – let’s read Hasty Punishment. Once when Akbar was riding near a mango grove, an arrow whizzed past him. He got startled, but was not hurt at all. His soldiers rushed into the grove and caught hold of an archer, a young man, and brought him before Akbar.

“You fool, why did you try to kill me?” Akbar shouted at the youth. Will he get the – Hasty Punishment – keep reading.

“Jahanpannah, I wasn’t trying to kill you. I was only trying to knock down that mango with my arrow!” said the youth, who was trembling with fear.

Akbar - birbal Hasty punishment

The king was too angry to listen to any explanation. Without thinking he ordered his soldiers, “Put him to death in the same manner he tried to kill me.” The young man was petrified and begged for his life. But no one listened. Was this the – Hasty Punishment – keep reading.

Receiving King’s orders soldiers tied the youth to that mango tree and one of the soldiers steadied his bow and aimed to shoot that young man.Young man was crying an begging for his life.

“This is not fair!” shouted Birbal who had been watching quietly. “If you want to shoot him the same way he tried to shoot our emperor, then aim at the mango in such a way that the arrow misses that mango in order to strike this young man.”

Akbar, who had calmed down by now, realized the whole situation and felt that he was being unfair to that young man. He ordered his soldiers to release him. The young man bowed before the king and thanked Birbal for saving his life. Birbal has once again helped an innocent man and saved him from emperor’s Hasty punishment.

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