Flowers for Emperor

How about a flowery story tonight – Flowers for Emperor. One fine day Emperor Akbar and some of his courtiers were strolling through the royal gardens.

Colorful flowers made the royal garden look more beautiful and seeing this the court poets’s uttered, “How beautiful are these flowers, man can never produce anything as beautiful as this?” drawing the emperor’s attention to a flower growing on a bush.

“Man can sometimes produce more beautiful things,” said Birbal.

“I don’t believe it!” said the emperor. “You are talking nonsense, Birbal, Prove it!” Will Birbal prove himself – keep reading Flowers for Emperor.Akbar- Birbal - Flowers for emperor

Few days passed and one day Birbal led a master craftsman of Agra into Akbar’s presence. That man presented emperor with an exquisite marble carving of a bouquet of flowers. Emperor was very impressed and rewarded him with a thousand gold coins.

Just then a small boy entered and gave Akbar a bunch of colorful roses. Akbar thanked the boy and gave him a silver coin. Birbal was observing the whole thing quietly.

“So the carving was more beautiful than the real thing,” said Birbal softly. Emperor realized what Birbal meant and he has proven his point. Once again Akbar had played into the hands of his witty courtier.

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