Empty jungles in Dowry

Lovely story tonight dearies! Empty jungles in Dowry. Emperor Akbar had a passion for hunting. So one day he asked Birbal to accompany him to the jungles. After a full day of hunting King Akbar decided to take a rest in that jungle. Soon he heard two owls hooting loudly. Akbar watched them and wanted to know what were they talking about. Can you guess was it about – Empty jungles in Dowry ..keep reading.

He decided to check Birbal’s take on this one. He called upon him and asked, “Birbal, what do you think those two owls are saying to each other?” 

Birbal who is always ready with a reasoning, answered, “Huzoor, these two owls are -the grooms father and bride’s father. They are discussing dowry. The owl who happens to be groom’s father wants 40 jungles in dowry in which there are no animals. The bride’s father says he can only arrange for 20 jungles.” Was it really about – Empty jungles in Dowry – what do you think kids – let’s find out.

Akbar Birbal- Empty jungles in dowryAt that very moment one of the owl’s hooted loudly and emperor was taken by surprise.

“Huzoor,” continued Birbal, “Bride’s father says that if the groom’s side is willing to wait for six more months, he could arrange for another twenty jungles.”

“How is that possible. Explain ?” asked the emperor puzzled.

“Huzoor, he replied, the owl is saying that the emperor hunts down so many animals everyday that soon these jungles will be empty and then he will fulfill his wish and provide him empty jungles.”

Emperor was pleased understood what Birbal was trying to convey him and from that day on he gave up hunting altogether. This way Birbal was successful in conveying his message across without making Emperor angry.

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