Emperors Ring

Good Morning Kid’s – I personally like this story -it’s too innovative and grossy – Emperors Ring. King Akbar knew how to keep his courtiers on their toes. One day Akbar decided to test the IQ level of all his ministers. He came up with a plan and he threw his gold ring into a dried up well and asked his ministers to retrieve it without climbing down into the well. Who will fetch Emperors ring – any guesses?

Everyone was baffled at Emperor’s words. Ministers scratched their heads and thought deeply but soon they had to admit their defeat. Birbal, who was watching the whole thing silently however could not resist this challenge. Will he fetch Emperors ring ?

He came forward and said, “Jahanpanah, you shall get back your ring before sun sets”. Everyone was amazed at Birbal’s reply and wanted to see how Birbal executed this challenge. Birbal left the scene and returned after a while carrying some cow dung in his hand.Emperors Ring

Birbal threw some fresh cow dung into that well on top of that ring. Everyone was in an awe as how will Birbal get emperors ring ? He then tied a stone to one end of a long rope while retaining the other end, threw the stone on that cow dung so hard that it got stuck onto that dung.

He then waited patiently for that cow dung to dry. It took couple of ours and after a while when he felt sure that cow dung had completely dried, he pulled up the string carefully making sure the string doesn’t wobble that much. To everyone’s surprise the cow dung along with that stone came up and stuck at the bottom was emperor’s ring. Everyone appraised Birbal’s sense of humor and this is one more feather in Birbal’s hat.

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