De-seed pomegranate in less than a minute

De-seed pomegranate in less than a minute

De-seed pomegranate in less than a minute – sounds unrealistic. That’s true- just follow this simple trick and you can enjoy your favorite fruit in less than a minute. Deseeding a pomegranate was never on my to-do list though I thoroughly enjoy eating this colorful and juicy red flesh fruit. Not only it is the most messiest job, it’s very time consuming. And the thing that irked me the most was by the time was done I de-seeding the whole fruit, most of it was already eaten away and all that was left were few seeds in the bowl mocking back at me. 🙁

Well no more tedious job in deseeding this sweet and rich fruit.Learned this cool trick from one of my close friends and thought of sharing it.

1. Take a fresh red looking pomegranate. Cut it into halves. Take a plate or bowl and hold one half of pomegranate upside down, facing the plate or bowl.

2.Using a wooden spoon or rolling pin (belan), start hitting the fruit’s back side. Soon you will see seeds falling down. Keep repeating the process till all the seeds are out. There maybe few seeds left inside that are deep embedded in the fruit, take them out using your hands – well most of the part is already done.

3. Clean the skin of the fruit from seeds – that may have fallen because of the hitting action and enjoy!!

After learning this trick believe me I never coy away from deseeding a pomegranate – rather I am like – BRING IT ON!! 🙂

pomegranateDe-seed pomegranate in 3 minutespomegranate peeled

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