Cutting a capsicum/ Bell pepper

Cutting a capsicum/ Bell pepper

Because of its puzzling bell shape, cutting a capsicum or bell pepper can sometimes be tricky. Today through illustrations, we will display an easy way of cutting a bell pepper and getting rid of its seeds hassle free. All we need is a fresh bell pepper and a sharp knife. 


Wash bell pepper and sit it on a chopping board.

Cuting capsicum

Hold the pepper from it top stem and using a sharp knife start cutting the sides off one by one without disturbing the center core.

Cutting Capsicum 1

Cutting a capsicum/ Bell pepper

Cutting Capsicum 3

Once all the sides are sliced, cut off the bottom and all that is left on the bell pepper is the stem attached to all the seeds.

Cutting Capsicum 4

As per your recipe need, you can either chop it, dice it or slice it.

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