Birbal’s sweet reply

Hello Kiddos, how have you been? Eagerly waiting for another story.. right… well without wasting anytime let’s hear a sweet story from Birbal’s treasure box. Mom and Dad lets cuddle up with little kiddos in their warm bed and read them this story – Birbal’s sweet reply. 

Birbal’s sweet replyBirbal was King Akbar’s advisory, friend and trustworthy colleague. At times Akbar would call upon Birbal to discuss important court matters.One day King Akbar and Birbal were discussing some political issues and during their conversation Birbal got carried away and uttered, “Jahan Pannah, kya aap bhi na, itna sa nahi samajh sakte.” (Your highness! can’t you even understand such a small thing.) This offended King Akbar and he felt very bad and was annoyed with Birbal.

Kid’s can you figure out what could have happened next- “Was Akbar mad at Birbal, Was Birbal punished?” Keep reading -Birbal’s sweet reply 🙂

Birbal was a smart brain; he easily figured out that his words had annoyed the emperor and King Akbar was not in a great mood.With folded hands he asked King Akbar, “Jahan Pannah, what’s the matter, what happened to you all of a sudden.”

Akbar who was fuming with anger replied, “Birbal these days you are being very loud mouthed, you have no manners whatsoever and utters whatever comes to your mind.”

Birbal was ready for this, he smiled and replied,”Jahan pannah, times have changed. Nowadays company matters the most, sangati ka asar hai.” King Akbar was shocked at Birbal’s reply, he understood how smartly he was outwitted by Birbal and with his sweet reply Birbal had put the ball in Akbar’s court. 🙂

See sometimes sweet words can solve a big problem and make the other party smile. Here we end our today’s story, cuddle up kiddos, hug your mom and dad and have a great nighty night. Till then Good bye with a promise to return soon with a new juicy story.

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